May 24, 2011

Dwarf Cannon finished + new FOW stuff

Finally got some cotton wool this week so I could finish adding some extra detail to my Dwarf Cannon, hasnt turned out to bad at all. The cannon ball is attached to a pin, its actually a fishing sinker - I use them as stirrers in all of my paint pots. They come with holes in them already so I just found a pin that fit the hole.

I also recieved my first order from the Forged in Battle line of 15mm WW2 miniatures, a Platoon of Heavy Mortars and one of SdKfz251 halftracks - unfortunately I can't use the later in my FJ lists so will have to take them as an excuse for starting a PzGr company ;) The models are very nice, sculpting on the halftracks is great. Infantry is so-so and they are slightly bigger than the standard FJ figures, but I was only after the mortars as it was cheaper to buy them like this than individually from Battlefront.


Archaicwonder said...

Very good looking. The Cotton is definitely wispy smoke looking. Is the ball attached to a pin or just very light?

Darth Weasel said...

that cannon is pure awesome. One of my brothers started using cotton under flying models and I thought that looked awesome....but the cannonball thing blows it away. Nice work