May 6, 2011

Fallschirmjager/Tigers vs. British Paras/Guards @ 2200pts

Another practice match for Panzershrek with my and Jerry's combined Fortress Europe Fallschirmjager/Tiger company up against a similar British Para/Guards Armoured force. From memory the British forces included:
  • 2 Sherman Platoons w. 2 Fireflys each
  • 1 Platoon 17 pdr AT
  • 1 Platoon 6 pdr AT
  • 1 Platoon Air droppable tanks
  • 1 Platoon 25 pdr Artillery
  • 2 Platoons Para Infantry
We used a the larger table set up that will be the norm at Panzershrek standard width across but length wise it adds an extra 12" or 18" can't remember which. Scenario was the standard Free for All with Fair Fight and Mobile Battle rules, the British deploying first and us moving first.

The Battlefield from the German right flank. All of the objectives were toward the centre left side of the board. The forests on the left hand side created a lot of non-LOS areas for the British AT guns, but also bottlenecks through which armour would have to advance.
FJ Platoon and Mortars go down next to the first objective.

FJ Artillery set up across the river (offered concealment to everything except tanks and was only passable via the bridge) to provide cover. From here they could reach the entire board.
Remainder of German force is deployed. 2nd FJ Platoon covering the 2nd objective backed by the StuGs, Tiger CIC and 2nd Tiger Platoon. 1st Tiger Platoon sat astride road leading to village.
Cunning buggers the British. Shermans deploy behind the village buildings so we can't draw LOS, as does Artillery. 6pdrs deploy in buildings and infantry flank one side.

British Shermans ready for action
An example of Andres inventive basing on his British Paras - cobblestones are simply standard putty base mixture with grooves cut into them. Fences are from model railway shop.
British Para infantry advances toward 1st objective trying to draw us out. The battle began slowly with the Tigers & Shermans teasing eachother and our Artillery failing to range in on anything. We made the decision early on to be more aggressive and pivoting around from the left using the road as the pivot point.

BANG!!! A Firefly gets the first kill knocking over a Tiger with a lucky shot. This set the tone as we rolled a succession of bad dice which saw the Tigers score virtually no hits on anything until the battle was pretty much over.
The sacrificial lamb. FJ Artillery which failed to range in during the 1st turn is assaulted and wiped out by the Paras Airdroppable tanks. We anticipated this but were hoping the Artillery would do some damage before we lost it. The Tigers near the river were unfortunately unable to prevent the Para Tanks from advancing.
Our assault moves in Tigers, and StuGs backed by a full FJ Platoon. Unfortunately British Artillery kept pounding the Infantry keeping it pinned and slowing its movement. The Tigers and StuGs also kept missing meaning the British armour was free to cut down the exposed infantry as it moved from forest to forest.

The battle turns (on both flanks) as the German Armour keeps missing the British keep coming up trumps. Our advance is stopped dead as the Tigers and StuGs are destroyed and then the FJ Platoon, now unprotected by armour, is cut down by British Artillery and then Sherman HMG fire. Soon the battered survivors are in full retreat toward our deployment area.

On the right things aren't much better as German armour continues to prove unreliable as the British seemingly have the dice Gods on their side. Shermans take a heavy toll on the Tigers and we are now heavily outnumbered having lost 3/7 Platoons in very short time.
Rather lazily the British Para Tanks troop back over the bridge

Last act of the game - the Shermans end run around the destroyed German Armour and take out the last surviving Tiger and the remnants of the FJ Platoon that had been advancing with them.

We ended the game at this point as with all of our armour dead our company was effectively below half strength and left with only a FJ Platoon and a couple of bases from a 2nd against an almost full strength British force. While we dead kill one Firefly as a departing gift this was pretty much the only real damage we did the entire game. A very disappointing result.

After this Jerry and I did some serious soul searching about our respective lists and there are going to have to be some major changes. Should also really sit down and think about our playing style. In this case we would have been better placed to sit back defensively, digging the infantry in throughout the wooded areas with the Tigers concealed among the trees with them. This would have forced the British to come to use, nullified their AT assets and meant that in defense we would have had heavy local superiority.

Next week I am going to try and swing a game using the 'Death from Above' rules so I can test out what its like to use Fallschirmjager as proper Paratroops.

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Chevalier de la Terre said...

Ouch. Shermans were lethal, your dice were evidently were not. Still, good report Johh and nice setup as always.