May 11, 2011

Flames of War 2v2 Tournament list

More soul searching by Jerry and myself and we've both kind of figured out that its our play style rather than the army list that cost us in our last couple of games. We have the right troops but just haven't used them effectively.

Going back to basics this week with a stock standard Fortress Europe Fallschirmjager force of:

Company HQ - 2 x PF/SMG - 85 pts
FJ Platoon - PF/SMG, 3 Squads - 265pts
FJ Platoon - PF/SMG, 3 Squads - 265pts
FJ AT Platoon - 4 Pak 40s - 245pts
FJ Artillery - 4 x Geb36 75mm - 190pts

Its not exciting but sacrifices had to be made in terms of balance. Dropping mortars means we lose a template/smoke weapon but benefits of full strength Pak override that given dominance of Russian Tank companies in New Zealand competitions. List also allows for Battlegrouping of platoons two put - a 4 base FJ platoon and 2 Paks on one objective and a 5 base FJ Platoon & 2 paks on the other. This leaves a single full strength Platoon to act in the offensive role. Alternatively its simply 1 FJ Platoon and 2 Paks on each objective with Artillery behind.

Total 1,050 pts - leaves Jerry with 50 he can use (team mates can swap upto 200) or a sniper/2 mortars for me. His list will most likely remain as a 1 Tiger CHQ, and two platoons with 2 Tigers each.

Did come up with the following modifications from Fortress Europe to make something more creative, which we will consider as a Plan B.

CHQ - PF x2, 85
1st Platoon - PF + 3 squads, 265
2nd Platoon - PF + 3 squads, 265
Rocket Battery - 2 sections, 5 launchers, 195
AT Platoon - 3 Pak 40s, 190


Panzer Company
CHQ - 2 x Pz IV, 190
1st - 3 x PzIV, 285
2nd - 3 x PzIV, 285
Hvy Platoon - 2 x Tiger 1, 430

TOTAL 1,190

Gives us more Platoons, ability to battlegroup out and create 2 template artillery platoons and more tanks.


lap1964 said...

Hi,First the cost of the Pak 40s should be 3= 195,4=250By"Battlegrouping" do you mean Kampfgruppe? If yes you cann't use the PaK40s for this as they are a "support plt",see page 60 in Fortress Europe.Another thought instead of taking the 5th rocket launcher,you could take the Anti-Tank Gun with them?

John M said...

Oh bugger I hadnt seen that rule that kind of puts paid to our plans.

I thought about the AT element in the Rocket launcher Platoon its a good idea. But honestly Im leaning more toward a list that allows me to field my models rather than borrowed ones. As its my first FOW event fielding my own stuff is pretty important to me, even if it means a less than optimal list.

How about adding in a Heer AT Platoon to the first list with 2 Paks - thats 120 pts and a 2 gun FJ AT platoon at 135, still keeps me under the 1100 pts and gives me two AT options.

lap1964 said...

Could work,but read the "Allies Rules" on page 183 in HCRB.
Another thought about the list?

CHQ+2 PFs=85
2 x GW42= 50
1) FJ Plt+PF=265
2) FJ Plt+PF=265
3) FJ Mortar Plt=140
4) FJ A/T Plt 2 PaK 40=135
5) Heer A/T Plt 3 PaK 40 = 170
TOTAL 1110
By combat attaching the HQ GW42s to the Mortar Plt then Kampfgrupping you get to 6 Plts?
Does your partner have any StuGs? If yes maybe use them instead of PzIVs?
Hope this helps some.

John M said...

No he only has PzIVs and Tigers but I have 5 StuGs he could use.

From the lists you've posted you really seem to rate the idea of Mortars over Artillery. Any particular reason?

lap1964 said...

To be honest in lower pts games, i think for the same pts as the Artillery, being able to have 2 units that can drop SMOKE seems more useful. But in higher pts games you can then take both options.As for the StuGs the extra 1 Front Armour,is going to help more if you are facing lots of tanks.
PS is that a real pic of you? Or is it the bloke out of CSI?

John M said...

Thats a good point about the two lots of smoke and the front armour.

We are playing a 2v2 game tonight so will suggest the idea to Jerry when i see him.

And yes it is me, taken on the last holiday my wife and I managed before the kids came along... such a long time ago.

lap1964 said...

No probs John,let us know how it goes.
PS that's really me and the daughter.