May 12, 2011

FOW 2v2 Tournament list modifications

If you check out the comments on my last post about this topic you'll see that Les has been continuing to offer me some solid advice which I am most grateful for, and definately going to listen to.

Consequently, I am looking at 3 different lists for my upcoming 2v2 Tournament in July. Ill run all three past my playing partner tonight at the club, along with Les's other points and see what we come up with. My previous idea of battlegroup my Paks is a no goer as I had forgotten the rules stated you can only Kampfgruppe Combat or Weapons Platoons not support Platoons.

So we are now down to the following list idea.

Fallschirmjager v3
CHQ - 2xPF, 2xMortar,1xPanzershrek, 175
FJ Platoon - PF, 3 Squads, 265
FJ Platoon - PF, 3 Squads, 265
FJ AT Platoon - 4 x Pak 40, 245
FJ Mortar Platoon - 2 sections, 140

or FJ AT Platoon - 2 x Pak 40, 135 & Heer AT Platoon - 2 x Pak 40 instead of the single FJ Platoon

Kampfgruppe 1 Mortar Section with 2IC and then combat attach 1 HQ Mortar to each of the two Mortar Platoons thus created. I think this is right? Kampfgruppe then combat attach, or do you combat attach and then Kampfgruppe????


lap1964 said...

Well how did it go?
Did you delete some posts or was this caused by the Blogger site being updated?

John M said...

Bit hard to tell how it worked. Our opponents didnt show so we had a blue on blue game against a Panther/Tiger company with the Panther Hero guy and an Eastern Front fortress company from River of Heroes.

Whole game became a massive stalemate with both sides shooting at each other from extreme range.

List though works really well and we will most likely stick with it.

The only change may be to try and drop 60pts of it somehow, so Jerry can swap some Tigers for Panthers.

Another 2v2 game in about 3 weeks time, 1500 LW 1v1 next week and then Warhammer week after.

lap1964 said...

Which list? Just PM on the FOW if you don't want anyone to know it.
How about this for the Pz Coy 1/2 of your force?
HQ 2 StuG G + BergPanther=205
1)3 StuG Gs = 285
2)3 Panthers =560
Total 1050
Leaves 50 pts for your 1/2 ?

John M said...

I/we went with

CHQ - 2xPF, 1xPS, 2xGW42
FJ Platoon - PF + 3 Sqds
FJ Platoon - PF + 3 Sqds
FJ Mortars - 2 sections
FJ AT - 2 Pak 40
Heer AT - 2 Pak 40

CHQ - 1 Tiger
1st - 2 Tigers
2nd - 2 Tigers

At present is good but probably too defensive in that we dont have anything that can push forward to take objectives.

If those halftracks arrive in time Ill paint them up and go with that HH list you suggested with the Ersatz Platoon.