May 17, 2011

Games Workshop WTF!?!

Announcement from Maelstrom Games in the UK - where I buy ALL of my Warhammer supplies - that as of 31st May they are no longer allowed to sell GW products to anyone outside of the Northern Hemisphere. I think the same applies for every other Northern Hemisphere retailer as well.

Well done GW there goes your antipodean market, why would I buy GW locally at prices that are 40-50% higher on average than from Maelstrom, or order from GW direct when the prices are just as high and I have to pay astronomical postage costs. What about towns where there is no local GW retailer what the hell do they do? And its not like local retailers are that great, they dont stock everything and take ages to get the stuff they dont have. I placed an order at my local store 3 years ago for a Dwarf Lord on Shieldbearers after 6 months they still hadnt got it. Placed one via a Northern Hemisphere non-GW retailer at got it within 2 weeks. Looks like my last WHFB order from Maelstrom will be my LAST WHFB order ever unless I get lucky on TradeMe.


Black Bard said...

Are you joking?!? WOW my friends and I always moan and groan about how badly run that company is....but REALLY!?!
WoW, just wow!
p.s. nice work on the dwarves in the last post!

Darth Weasel said...

they have been making some very curious choices lately. Jacking the prices by large percentages, then this...I guess they are going for the "fewer sales, more profit per sale" model. I wish them luck with that.

Fnurgn said...

Yeah this sux....I just got back into the hobby and was discovering how high the retail costs are now. I breathed a sigh of relief when I found out I could ship in from the UK at much better prices....short lived excitement. This is rediculous.

Fnurgn said...

...this hurts. Retail prices are rediculous.

Mike Howell said...

That is a perplexing business decision. The only rationale I can imagine is that southern hemisphere retailers are suffering and GW wants to encourage their continued existence at your expense.

Sounds like it someone were to start a 20% off mail order store down there they could corner the market.

lap1964 said...

Pity you don't know someone who lives up North.

GDMNW said...

Perhaps some of us friendly London based hobbyists could be persuaded to set up import-export companies which would not be affected by the T&C change because we have no contract with GW. We but and ship on.

Hmm. Decent idea that. Anyone interested?

John M said...

Latest news is that Wayland Games is going to challenge the decision and look at finding a way around it. We'll have to wait and see.

I feel sorry for the guys at Maelstrom as they are such a great team and have a good company.