May 3, 2011

Horned Rat Warhammer Tournament in July

Players pack for my next Warhammer tournament - Horned Rat IV - came out this week. It will follow the same Mighty Empires based campaign format as Runefang IV with some changes to the composition and army rules.

Army size is 2000pts with the following General restrictions
  • Max Dice (from any source) usage of 12 in magic phase.
  • Army to have no more than four potential template weapons (not sure if this includes mages)
  • Max of four warmachines.
  • No more than 2 of any special choice
  • No double rares worth more than 70 (benefits Orcs as Mangler Squigs are only 65pts).
  • No power scroll.
  • Only one item that dispels a spell automatically (will really really hurt Dwarfs).
There are other army specific restrictions but none that affect my High Elves which I will be taking again. One other changes is that each army can now take three 100 pt sideboard units which can be added to their armies where the campaign allows. We used this in the last campaign tournament where each team had a single 100pt bonus unit which 1 of the 3 team members could use.

Sideboard units are not subject to list constraints which I take to mean they ignore the comp restrictions, and have to be purchased in order:
  • Sideboard 1 - upto 100 pts of core
  • Sideboard 2 - upto 100 pts of special
  • Sideboard 3 - upto 100 pts of rare
Anyway my list for the weekend will be a slight variation on the army I took to Runefang IV with only a couple of modifications.

Horned Rat IV (Provisional) army list

Archmage Level 4
w. Silver Wand, Talisman of Preservation, Lore of Life

Only change from Runefang is dropping of Dispel Scroll in favour of Silver Wand. Have found that this is essential to get the spells you need particularly Throne of Vines. Sticking with Life as it works well with High Elves, although might re-consider Shadow.

Noble BSB
w. AoC, GW, Guardian Phoenix

Spears x33
w. Command

Archers x14
w. SB, Mu, Banner of Eternal Flame

Banner on these guys makes the threat of flaming attacks more flexible and it gives me an extra point of Fortitude for the Blood and Glory Scenario.

Phoenix Guard x24
w. Command, Banner of Sorcery

Dropping the Razor Standard for Banner of Sorcery is necessary to ensure I get magic off when I need it. Will be nullified by 12 dice max comp rule but in turns where I have bad rolls it will hep. At S4 base these guys will just have to take their chances without AP.

White Lions x21
w. Command, Standard of Discipline

Standard makes them Stubborn on L9 instead of 8 which is gold considering BSB and General will virtually always be with other units.

Dragon Princes x5
w. Musician


Considered dropping this guy for a couple more PG bodies, but the Eagle provides a lot of flexibility.

TOTAL 1,994

Sideboard Units
#1 - Spearmen x10 w. Musician
#2 - Shadow Warriors x5 w. Champion or Ellyrian Reavers x5 w. Bows
#3 - Repeater Bolt Thrower

The 10 Spears is basically all I can take as my core sideboard as the minimum sized Seaguard and Archer units cost more than 100pts. Whether I take the Ellyrian Reavers depends entirely on whether I get them painted in time, if not Ill take the Shadow Warriors as nothing else in my collection works at <100pts. #3 is an easy decision to make a third Eagle might be fun but I don't own one and an RBT would be useful.

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