May 5, 2011

Latest arrivals

Got the two boxes of Dwarf Warriors from Maelstrom last week, they're already assembled and undercoated at home, and joy of joys my Dragon Princes and Chariot boxes arrived at the office this morning.

Couldnt help myself so I procrastinated a bit and put one Dragon Prince together. Luckily I had been warned that they are fiddly and only made to fit together a certain way, that and they come with detailed instructions - which is a first for any WHFB model I have put together. Overall, im pretty impressed with them and can't wait to start painting them hopefully I can get a unit completed in time for Horned Rat in July - which I am now definately able to attend.

As for the 2 boxes of Dwarf Warriors I choose to put these together weilding GW but only assembled the one Command team. Combined with the other unit of 20 GW new Dwarfs already painted this gives me 50 GW models I can put out, and which with the right unit fillers I can easily extend to units of 30+. Have decided to remodel my older Dwarf Warriors using my big bitz collection as HW/Shield Warriors giving me 60 of these.

One big plus of the new Dwarf Warrior kits is the huge number of shields they contain, 26 in each box. This means I can now completely reshield my 60 other Dwarfs. Unfortunately the shields aren't blank so I cant paint a consistent runic emblem on them but even so with the right paint scheme they should look good.


Pete Dunn said...

Have you checked out "hoard o' bits" on eBay? They sell broken down boxes of plastics so you can buy specific Dwarf shields for instance. It would let you get uniformity across army if important

John M said...

No I havent actually, I've always avoided Ebay as I assumed the cost of postage would make any auction no matter how cheap uneconomic.

Darth Weasel said...

differentiation for the win! I am actually trying to make my units look LESS uniform...not sure why.

Do you keep a mix of GW and HW+Shield so you can put the appropriate models in the front rank if you feel like changing it up? Or you just completely sold on the GW?

I would think that Dwarf Warriors witht eh oft-maligned oath stone, hw & shield would make the ultimate grind unit. They are tough to kill between solid save and parry save, have great static combat reolsution...they are an impenetrable wall

Fnurgn said...

I troll ebay and have found every now and then a good deal comes up, like a solo character for <$10 or left overs from battalions etc for good prices.

John M said...

@Darth - I like to field units where everyone is using the same weapon. Although the old models the GW were carried in one hand not two so could sub for HW/Shield well. Under 8th I am looking at blocks of GW to do the killing and small units of 15-20 HW/Shield warriors as tarpits to guard my flanks. The Oathstone is pretty good now as you get step up attacks in all directions. But you still cant pick it up and move it once the enemy has gone.

@Fnurgn - I do the same with TradeMe in New Zealand, ebays someting ill have to check out