May 17, 2011

More Dwarfs completed - Quarrellers & Thanes

Completed these guys last night, last bit of painting before I head out of town for a couple of days for work. Still have to stick a few grass tufts onto the Quarreller bases but as I have run out of superglue that will have to wait. For models that I didnt paint strip the Quarrellers turned out better than expected - washes are just magic for improving how models look. For comparison I've included a couple of pictures of what each model/unit used to look like.

Quarrellers before repainting

I don't particularly like the two Thane models and so didnt really put much effort into painting them properly. In most games these particular figures hardly get used so I'm not that fussed on what they look like but they turned out OK regardless.


Kuffeh said...

Nice updates there John. The unit is a great improvement, bringing in more colour ties them together really well. Although, I am not that sure on the helmets with the green, but that is me.

It's a shame you don't like those minis. I actually do, the non-BSB one looks better without the wings on the helmet. The back of the BSB really isn't that good, I also would have gone for a different colour than blue for the pole. Otherwise, they look fine.

John M said...

Cheers mate. The models are Ok its just for some reason they dont appeal to me.

What would you suggest for the back of the BSB and pole colour?