May 14, 2011

Ok I thought my painting backlog was bad check this out

My last post listed out what I have left to paint etc which I thought was bad enough. But compared to this guy thats nothing. He is freaking insane literally or doesnt sleep and has some kind of magic portal that stops time. I mean look at this... and its ALL 15mm

By his own admission he has 1300+ blisters of figures and 160 box sets which need him to buy n 528 hooks to hang it all on.

Btw ALL of this guys stuff is also brilliantly painted and I mean its really really good. Almost keeping Battlefront in business by himself.

Full link to post is here (although you need to be registered on FOW forums to view it).


Qalpha said...


It looks more like a shop, did he go for a traders license discount?

Still i can't use another's position to justify my own obsession... for that i take full responsibility and gave up working out the back log years ago... now i veiw it as an extended resource pool to provide a better selection of customisation to my most recent and never ending acquisitions... my partner views it a a pain in the !"£$!" and wants the shelves back :)

But looking at those photo's puts it in perspective... i'm obviously not committed enough and by the loos of it neither are most of us.

But seriously...ouch!

Happy painting.

Darth Weasel said...

I will never feel bad again. Wow.