May 4, 2011

Stumpy question for everyone

I have been putting together some Dwarf figures over the last couple of days and the following question suddenly dawned on me.
"Why are all (or 99.99999% of all) wargaming miniatures right handed?"
Not that I'm a lefty myself but every Warhammer and FOW army you see the figures hold their weapons in the right hand or in a right handed fashion. There must be some left handed figures out there somewhere, but if so where are they?


lap1964 said...

For rifles and SMGs it is to do with which side the spent round came out of,you would want a face full of hot brass!!


retroalias said...

interesting question I never noticed that!

Qalpha said...

Even if your a true south paw lefty when you stand the shield wall you either need to be on an end or you learn to weild right handed otherwise you get tangled with your shouldermen/women.

Same with larger 2h weapons its esier if you all learn to swing the same pattern when your shoulder to shoulder...course this all goes to "£$%^% once the melee gets interesting.

Happy pondering