May 10, 2011

WIP - Dwarfs and more Dwarfs

More WIP pictures for my Dwarf army repainting project. Unit of 20 Quarrellers, or rather 2 units of 10 with Musicians. Only base colours and a bit of washing on skin done so far still need highlighting and minor touch ups. Unlike the Hammerers, Miners etc these guys were not paint stripped before hand. I just painted over the existing scheme which was close to what I wanted anyway.

Artillery bases need some drybrushing to be finished and I am going to create a flying cannon ball smoke effect out of the mouth of the cannon tonight. BSB and Thane have only had skin, green and blue areas base coated so far so still a long way to go.

Army wise the project is moving along pretty well. Once these guys are done, and a Hammerer standard bearer, ill have a reasonable collection of units completed - Miners, Hammerers, GW/Warriors, Quarrellers, Thunderers and a big collection of heroes and warmachines all ready for tournament play testing in time for Augusts Karak Eight Peaks campaign tournament.

Gold areas on Thane and BSB are the result of a new technique provided by Glen who I met at Runefang last month. He had some great looking gold areas on his Dragon Princes and the technique used is surprisingly simple - Mithril Silver base coat and 2-3 coats of Sepia Wash with good drying time betwen each coat. Then drybrush with either Mithril Silver or Burnished Gold. Drybrushing not done yet but you can already see how effective the process is.

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