June 29, 2011

Fallschirmjager army list for Panzershrek X submitted

Had the hard word and had to submit my army list for Panzershrek X the Flames of War doubles tournament I am attending next month (hopefully). Its a mixture of what I have painted, what I want to use and a little pragmatism in terms of getting something balanced. We'll see how it pans out. Will get at most two practice games in (again here's hoping) beforehand but thats its. List is:

Company: Late War Fallshirmjager
Briefing: Hells Highway, 3rd Fallschirmjager Division
Points: 1,100

Company HQ
w. Panzerfaust, 2xPanzershrek, 2xGW42

FJ Platoon
w. PF Command, 3 Squads

FJ Platoon
w. PF Command, 3 Squads

FJ Mortar Platoon
w. 2xMortar Sections

FJ Artillery Battery
w. 3x10.5cm Guns

FJ Anti-Tank Platoon
w. 4x7.5cm Pak 40

Ersatz Platoon
w. 1x SdKfz 250 & 3xSd Kfz 250/9

TOTAL 1,095

Commission work - sort of

Well not really commission just painting my mate Adams old school Dwarf Stone Thrower for him, he like me is taking one to CTA 2011 in August for the Karak Eight Peaks tournament.

Was a little tricky to assemble mainly as I was using good quality superglue. Find that the cheaper stuff which tends to come out of the tube in a globby mass, as opposed to a clear liquid, works better as its easier to apply. Colour scheme will be fairly standard dark green - did for a moment think Adam might want something brighter. But ill sneak some colour in there somehow ;)

June 27, 2011

Bugger no tournament for me :(

Was really really looking forward to this coming weekend as it was going to be my 2nd WHFB tournament of the year, and another of Petes campaign events. The High Elves were all packed and ready to go and everything was sorted - except the family. Due to a couple of health issues I have to stay home and have unfortunately had to withdraw from the event. I've also missed the last 2 club nights and will miss this weeks as well. Nothing serious just things I need to be home for.

But still I am getting some painting in - my 2nd block of 30 Dwarf Warriors is nearly finished, and my Dwarf unit filler is all done. Once the Warriors are complete I just need to add grass & stones to my movement trays and my Call to Arms army for August is all complete. After that its time to sort out a display board - still working on ideas for how I want to do it though.

Hopefully things at home will sort themselves out in time for Panzershrek X which is the Flames of War tournament - luckily in my hometown - that I am entering at the end of the month.... now I just need to get some FOW practice in.

June 24, 2011

Something for a rainy day other than painting

Ok, I haven't played Warmachine for a long time and sold nearly all of my collection - principally as all the local WM players left town. But I absolutely loved the game, the fluff and the miniatures and even though I am not into PC or console gaming at all this game might just get me back into it.

June 15, 2011

Ersatz Recon Platoon Completed

Finished these guys last night, another addition to my Hells Highway 3rd FJ Division list. The netting was a spur of the moment thing and is made from an old bandage painted with Devlan Mud Wash, will stick some foliage in it at some stage. Need to buy some more Silfor stuff first.

Vehicle camo isnt very flash, and I retouched it after taking these photos. Contemplating repainting them entirely in Dunkelgreb Yellow, but less dark, and doing away with camo altogether. Either that or remove third colour, the light bleached bone, and minimising the amount of green and dark brown on there. I definately over did it with those colours.

The tracks also need some rust effects on them etc - so honestly they are not that great but for now they look OK-enough to put on the table - hoping for a game next week.

Also planning on buying the new Monte Cassino book tomorrow. It not only has a new FJ list but also a New Zealand army one as well. I've been looking at options for a 2nd army and until I saw the NZ company a US Tank company was my preferred option. But a 2nd NZ Division unit would be pretty cool a nice tie in with my FJ whom they fought in Crete, Tunisia and Italy. That and my Grandad served with the 3rd NZ Division in the Pacific after initially being tasked to join the 2nd in North Africa so there is a family link there as well. My wifes father also served in the 3rd Division (he was quite old when he had her - we are the same age) a fact I didnt discover until after we had been together for a while. Small place New Zealand :)

June 13, 2011

Busy times ahead

Getting into the busy time of the gaming year now, and a period I am definately looking forward to with multiple tournaments heading my way.

First up is Horned Rat IV a 2000pt campaign based Warhammer Fantasy tournament on July 2nd/3rd. Two weeks after that its off to Panzershrek X a 2200pt Late War Flames of War doubles tournament, my first ever FOW event. This one also has the added advantage of being held in my hometown. The following week there is FRACAS IV a one-day Mid War 600pt FOW event in Wanganui, and then 2 weeks after that Call to Arms a 2400pt Warhammer Fantasy event. This last one has two fantasy competitions; a standard event and the 12 person campaign event (which I am competing in) based on the Karak Eight Peaks campaign in the March 2011 White Dwarf.

All in all it will be a nice way to head into the end of my wargaming season which for me officially finishes in October when cricket starts back up again.

My army lists for each event are pretty much set, last weeks Dwarf game was a test of my Call to Arms list. I just have a little bit of painting to go to ensure I'm completely ready for each one. Notably 32 Dwarf Warriors, two 4x4 unit fillers and some movement trays for Call to Arms, and my Ersatz Platoon for Panzershrek.

I'll post some pics of each tournament army up soon along with the lists I am taking.

June 11, 2011

Holy Humbling moment Batman!!!

Really not sure what to say about this but my little blog just hit 100 followers!?!! Some are regular commentators whose feedback I always appreciate, and truth be told also look forward to getting and sometimes adjust my blogging to fit. Others are bloggers whose sites I myself follow, many I have followed for quite some time.

I started this very personal project nearly 3 years ago - my first post "I'm a Geek" was made on July 2nd 2008 and I honestly never thought I would still be going with this. But I love the wargaming hobby and now this blog has become a regular and enjoyable outlet for me.

After 3 years to find that so many people actually take the time to read my ramblings is humbling and slightly surreal feeling. Its nice to know that people enjoy Stumpy Heaven and all it contains.

So to all of my followers THANK YOU for being part of this 3 year blogging journey with me!!!

June 10, 2011

Battle Report - Dwarfs vs. Orcs @ 2400pts

First real test of my possible army list for Call to Arms in August up against Brendans Black Orc themed army list. Playing the scenario (whose name escapes me) where you play along the length of the board with impassable terrain on either long edge. Deployment zones were 12" out from centre line.
30 x Warriors
30 x Rangers
30 x Hammerers
Organ Gun

Black Orc Big Boss
Black Orc BSB
Orc Shaman
Orc Big Boss
29 x Big Uns
29 x Big Uns
29 x Big Uns
24 x Black Orcs
5 x Wolf Riders
5 x Wolf Riders
5 x Boar Boys
2 x Wolf Chariots
1 x Boar Chariot

Orcs choose sides and deployed first. I was helped here in that Brenden allowed me to deploy at the end of the table with two hills on it, which we agreed allowed LOS over the tops of the forests. His larger force deployed in a line across the board with the fast movers on either flank. As you would expect my artillery went on the hills, infantry spread out, with big blocks in middle.
Rangers went 10 wide on left flank to take care of Wolf Rides. Took a risk and deployed Organ Gun & Quarrellers forward, but as it turned out it was worth it. First turn went to the Orcs whose animosity caused one unit of Wolf Riders to charge my Rangers and get slaughtered. The rest of the army marched forward up the guts with one Chariot dying due to the special underground rules dangerous terrain tests.

The Rangers made short work of the 1st unit of Wolfs and then charged and wiped out the 2nd unit. Savouring their victory they reformed to increase their ranks and readied themselves for a charge from the waiting Big Uns and surviving Wolf Chariot.

On the right the Grudgethrower, Organ Gun and Quarrellers had fun decimating a unit of Big Uns containing the Black Orc General. The Cannon proved disappointing as I was extremely rusty with my guess ranges. The Orc response was to have the Boar Boys charge the Quarrellers. They lost 1 of their number to the underground dangerous terrain and 1 more to shooting in the charge. On my left the Big Uns and Chariot also powered into the Rangers.

End result not good for the Orcs - Dwarfs with Great Weapons and Hatred re-rolls decimated the Big Uns and squashed the Chariot. 16 or 18 Big Un attacks killed 1 Ranger while the Rangers 15 attacks (7 wide - 14 models + Champion) scored 15 hits and 12 wounds. The Big Uns were only saved by having 1 more rank than the Dwarfs gaining steadfast. The Quarrellers also stood firm losing just 2 of their number and killing 1 Boar Boy in return. They swiftly reformed to gain a rank bonus and waited the next phase.

This came in the form of a massive charge by the Orc battleline. Big Uns and the Black Orc General hit the Quarrellers while Black Orcs and a Boar Chariot hit the Miners. The end result, the Miners were massacred, fled and were cut down by the Black Orcs in 1 round of combat and the Trolls charged into the 2nd block of Warriors.

Things didnt go well for the Black Orc General though. Despite his axe of Stunty Smashing he and his entire unit killed just 1, yes 1, Quarreller and suffered 3 casualties in return. End result the Quarrellers stuck around yet again, long enough for the Hammerers - now 10 wide - to charge into them.

The Hammerers S6 attacks smashed through the Big Uns leaving the Black Orc General all alone and forcing him to flee. Luckily for him Dwarfs are slow and they failed to catch him. But the rout also signalled the end for the Boar Boys - who also fled - and more importantly the Big Uns & Trolls fighting the Ranger/Warriors. Both of these units fled and were cut down. The Big Uns fighting the Rangers once again failing dismally scoring only a handful wounds while losing 3-4 times as many bodies in return. Dwarf shooting continued to play havoc with the Grudgethrower wiping out the Black Orcs, who had sneakily charged and overrun the Organ Gun and its crew.

The flight and destruction of most of the Orc army left the General, a solitary unit of Big Uns with the BSB, 2 Boar Boys, the Shaman, a Boar Chariot and a very depleted unit of Black Orcs on the table. The Dwarfs meanwhile were at almost full strength having lost only a handful of Warriors, a couple of Quarrellers and the Organ Gun.

In the penultimate turns the surviving Big-Un unit was charged and wiped out by the Hammerers. This forced the Orc BSB to flee on his lonesome and only just survive being hit by a Cannonball - I finally got the range right but rolled a 1 to wound so he survived. The Dwarf army then reorientated itself to face the few surviving Orcs who now charged the Quarrellers and Hammerers.
This proved to be a good idea as the Black Orc General charging in solo squashed the Dwarven BSB and the Quarrellers were decimated by the Black Orcs, but not before more shooting and lucky hits further depleted the Black Orcs ranks.

With the death of their BSB urging them on the Hammerers wiped out the Big Un and killed both the Boar Chariot and the Orc General. Meanwhile the surviving BSB continued to run away and the few surviving Black Orcs and their accompanying hero charged the Dwarven Warriors guarding the Runelord.

End result was further carnage with Black Orcs getting chopped to pieces. The last act of Turn 6 saw the Hammerers charge into the sole remaining Orc model - an Orc Big Boss - although the Orcs took so satisfaction out of the Grudgethrower squashing 8 Dwarfs after it scattered while trying to snipe the retreating Orc BSB. We called a halt to proceedings at this point as the result was pretty forgone and it was getting late.

So solid win to my Dwarfs, list worked pretty well - but this wasnt your typical Greenskin list and I was helped in several combats by the Dice Gods who seemed to have abandoned Brendan for much of the game. Against hordes of Night Goblins, Fanatics and Squids I am not how I would do.

Re-match next week though against the same Orc Army with a few possible changes. Then its onto FOW.

June 9, 2011

WIP - Dwarf Warriors & Ersatz Sd Kfz 250/9

Finally getting some painting in and have nearly finished my second block of GW weilding Dwarf Warriors. Models in front rank have had their painting completed, beards are all the same colour as I paint one colour set at a time e.g., red beards, then brown etc.

I have four colour variations as far as beards go and they are, with basecoats and drybrush layers etc:
  • Grey --> Adeptus Battle Grey, Badab Black, Codex Grey, Space Wolves Grey
  • Red --> Scab Red, Red Wash, Flaming Orange
  • Dark Brown --> Scorched Brown, Badab Black, Bestial Brown
  • Medium Brown --> Vomit Brown, Sepia Wash, Snakebite Leather
The movement tray is made out of balsa wood with the usual magnetic base - made from an A4 sheet of fridge magnets

Also started painting my Ersatz Recon platoon for my Hells Highway 3rd Fallschirmjager Division company. Best of all after some research online I found a method of making Dunkelgreb, or near enough, using Games Workshop paints. There are various options available but making use of what I have I used a 60:40 split of Snakebite Leather and Sunburst Yellow. Overall, its turned out pretty well - I may repaint my StuGs in the same colour. I also decided to base the half-tracks purely because they are easier to store and transport that way, and I can add some detailing to the base.

2400pt game with my Dwarfs vs. Brendans Orc themed army tonight so battle report up tomorrow or there abouts.

June 2, 2011

Not much to report

Apologies to regular Stumpy trawlers but been pretty busy at work recently so no time to post. Still getting a bit of painting done though so expect to see some results up soon. I'm also looking forward to some battles against Orcs n Goblins & Beastmen over the next few weeks, and hopefully some more FOW.