June 27, 2011

Bugger no tournament for me :(

Was really really looking forward to this coming weekend as it was going to be my 2nd WHFB tournament of the year, and another of Petes campaign events. The High Elves were all packed and ready to go and everything was sorted - except the family. Due to a couple of health issues I have to stay home and have unfortunately had to withdraw from the event. I've also missed the last 2 club nights and will miss this weeks as well. Nothing serious just things I need to be home for.

But still I am getting some painting in - my 2nd block of 30 Dwarf Warriors is nearly finished, and my Dwarf unit filler is all done. Once the Warriors are complete I just need to add grass & stones to my movement trays and my Call to Arms army for August is all complete. After that its time to sort out a display board - still working on ideas for how I want to do it though.

Hopefully things at home will sort themselves out in time for Panzershrek X which is the Flames of War tournament - luckily in my hometown - that I am entering at the end of the month.... now I just need to get some FOW practice in.


Hein said...

I feel your pain.
I had planned to participate in a FoW tourney last Sunday but I had to cancel at the last moment. I was needed at work.

Darth Weasel said...

bummer deal, dude. hope your family heals and you get some game time in