June 13, 2011

Busy times ahead

Getting into the busy time of the gaming year now, and a period I am definately looking forward to with multiple tournaments heading my way.

First up is Horned Rat IV a 2000pt campaign based Warhammer Fantasy tournament on July 2nd/3rd. Two weeks after that its off to Panzershrek X a 2200pt Late War Flames of War doubles tournament, my first ever FOW event. This one also has the added advantage of being held in my hometown. The following week there is FRACAS IV a one-day Mid War 600pt FOW event in Wanganui, and then 2 weeks after that Call to Arms a 2400pt Warhammer Fantasy event. This last one has two fantasy competitions; a standard event and the 12 person campaign event (which I am competing in) based on the Karak Eight Peaks campaign in the March 2011 White Dwarf.

All in all it will be a nice way to head into the end of my wargaming season which for me officially finishes in October when cricket starts back up again.

My army lists for each event are pretty much set, last weeks Dwarf game was a test of my Call to Arms list. I just have a little bit of painting to go to ensure I'm completely ready for each one. Notably 32 Dwarf Warriors, two 4x4 unit fillers and some movement trays for Call to Arms, and my Ersatz Platoon for Panzershrek.

I'll post some pics of each tournament army up soon along with the lists I am taking.

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