June 15, 2011

Ersatz Recon Platoon Completed

Finished these guys last night, another addition to my Hells Highway 3rd FJ Division list. The netting was a spur of the moment thing and is made from an old bandage painted with Devlan Mud Wash, will stick some foliage in it at some stage. Need to buy some more Silfor stuff first.

Vehicle camo isnt very flash, and I retouched it after taking these photos. Contemplating repainting them entirely in Dunkelgreb Yellow, but less dark, and doing away with camo altogether. Either that or remove third colour, the light bleached bone, and minimising the amount of green and dark brown on there. I definately over did it with those colours.

The tracks also need some rust effects on them etc - so honestly they are not that great but for now they look OK-enough to put on the table - hoping for a game next week.

Also planning on buying the new Monte Cassino book tomorrow. It not only has a new FJ list but also a New Zealand army one as well. I've been looking at options for a 2nd army and until I saw the NZ company a US Tank company was my preferred option. But a 2nd NZ Division unit would be pretty cool a nice tie in with my FJ whom they fought in Crete, Tunisia and Italy. That and my Grandad served with the 3rd NZ Division in the Pacific after initially being tasked to join the 2nd in North Africa so there is a family link there as well. My wifes father also served in the 3rd Division (he was quite old when he had her - we are the same age) a fact I didnt discover until after we had been together for a while. Small place New Zealand :)


Anonymous said...

Nice, the camo netting is very effective

Itchy said...

For what it's worth, I think the camo looks sharp and I especially like the detail in the bases. The tracks left in the mud look awesome. I also quite like the netting. Uses for everyday items (like an ACE bandage) fascinate me and your improvisation here is excellent!!

Vladdd309 said...

Nice work! The camo and netting works really well!

I love the crazy support options in the Hells Highway book. Will/have you done any of the 88 gun options?

John M said...

Cheers guys :)

The Luftwaffe Flak platoon is a definate option. I want to buy an FJ AA Platoon at some stage, and Forged in Battle do really cheap 15mm 88's so getting a couple of these would create some great flexibility