June 29, 2011

Fallschirmjager army list for Panzershrek X submitted

Had the hard word and had to submit my army list for Panzershrek X the Flames of War doubles tournament I am attending next month (hopefully). Its a mixture of what I have painted, what I want to use and a little pragmatism in terms of getting something balanced. We'll see how it pans out. Will get at most two practice games in (again here's hoping) beforehand but thats its. List is:

Company: Late War Fallshirmjager
Briefing: Hells Highway, 3rd Fallschirmjager Division
Points: 1,100

Company HQ
w. Panzerfaust, 2xPanzershrek, 2xGW42

FJ Platoon
w. PF Command, 3 Squads

FJ Platoon
w. PF Command, 3 Squads

FJ Mortar Platoon
w. 2xMortar Sections

FJ Artillery Battery
w. 3x10.5cm Guns

FJ Anti-Tank Platoon
w. 4x7.5cm Pak 40

Ersatz Platoon
w. 1x SdKfz 250 & 3xSd Kfz 250/9

TOTAL 1,095

1 comment:

lap1964 said...

Looks OK,but what's your partner using? As i think there could be quite a few tank heavy lists?