June 11, 2011

Holy Humbling moment Batman!!!

Really not sure what to say about this but my little blog just hit 100 followers!?!! Some are regular commentators whose feedback I always appreciate, and truth be told also look forward to getting and sometimes adjust my blogging to fit. Others are bloggers whose sites I myself follow, many I have followed for quite some time.

I started this very personal project nearly 3 years ago - my first post "I'm a Geek" was made on July 2nd 2008 and I honestly never thought I would still be going with this. But I love the wargaming hobby and now this blog has become a regular and enjoyable outlet for me.

After 3 years to find that so many people actually take the time to read my ramblings is humbling and slightly surreal feeling. Its nice to know that people enjoy Stumpy Heaven and all it contains.

So to all of my followers THANK YOU for being part of this 3 year blogging journey with me!!!


Sascha said...

You are welcome! As long as your blogging is fun to read i will be a regular visitor.

Darth Weasel said...

Congrats on the benchmark dude. Yours is worthy of it. You differentiate your content, show your work and do great. Keep on rolling.

On a side note...how is the flood recovery coming? Feel for your country, dude.

Anonymous said...

Make that 101 if you haven't counted me in :)
- Russ at war hammer gateway dot com

Fnurgn said...


grumhelden said...

Gz mate!