June 24, 2011

Something for a rainy day other than painting

Ok, I haven't played Warmachine for a long time and sold nearly all of my collection - principally as all the local WM players left town. But I absolutely loved the game, the fluff and the miniatures and even though I am not into PC or console gaming at all this game might just get me back into it.


RedCraig said...

Wow, looks pretty cool.
Never played WarMachine myself, but the game seems very real time button mashey - rather than tactical or strategic. I wonder if that'll put fan's off.

Allan and Carmen said...

I have not played Warmachine for ages and prefer the miniature game over computer gaming but this looks like fun :)

Itchy said...

Holy crap! That looked like actual in-game footage. I might even go back to Warmachine if that games turns out to be as good as it looks!