June 9, 2011

WIP - Dwarf Warriors & Ersatz Sd Kfz 250/9

Finally getting some painting in and have nearly finished my second block of GW weilding Dwarf Warriors. Models in front rank have had their painting completed, beards are all the same colour as I paint one colour set at a time e.g., red beards, then brown etc.

I have four colour variations as far as beards go and they are, with basecoats and drybrush layers etc:
  • Grey --> Adeptus Battle Grey, Badab Black, Codex Grey, Space Wolves Grey
  • Red --> Scab Red, Red Wash, Flaming Orange
  • Dark Brown --> Scorched Brown, Badab Black, Bestial Brown
  • Medium Brown --> Vomit Brown, Sepia Wash, Snakebite Leather
The movement tray is made out of balsa wood with the usual magnetic base - made from an A4 sheet of fridge magnets

Also started painting my Ersatz Recon platoon for my Hells Highway 3rd Fallschirmjager Division company. Best of all after some research online I found a method of making Dunkelgreb, or near enough, using Games Workshop paints. There are various options available but making use of what I have I used a 60:40 split of Snakebite Leather and Sunburst Yellow. Overall, its turned out pretty well - I may repaint my StuGs in the same colour. I also decided to base the half-tracks purely because they are easier to store and transport that way, and I can add some detailing to the base.

2400pt game with my Dwarfs vs. Brendans Orc themed army tonight so battle report up tomorrow or there abouts.


Darth Weasel said...

as always, fantastic work. your chainmail looks too bright to be one of the greys, a look I quite like. I actually bought some shiny Vallejo, curious what color you are using on it?

John M said...

Cheers :)

Chainmail is - Bolt Gun Metal, Badab Black, Chainmail drybrush, Mithril silver drybrush and then mudwash to dull it down (sometimes).

lap1964 said...

Hi John,on the SdKfz 250/1/9 you would be better painting the gun barrels black,then doing a light dry brush of the metal colour.
Other than that they look fine.

lap1964 said...
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John M said...

Cheers mate ill repaint them tonight. Unfortunately I havent been able to do anymore FJ playtesting as all of the FOW guys have disappeared from my local club lately.

So have been playing Warhammer - have a tournament for that first weekend of July so need the practice. Hoping to get some more FOW time in soon as the guys get geared up for the tournament come end of July.

Next game probably in a fortnight or thereabouts.