July 29, 2011

Battle Report - Dwarfs vs. Orcs @ 2400pts

It is the year 2610 in the Old World and once again the lands and people of Karak Thorinkin are threatened by the evil forces that plague the Warhammer World. Scarcely a decade has passed since the Thorinkin (People of Thorin) defeated a large scale incursion of Druchi into their ancestral lands. Now in the 90th year of the reign of King Druegar Strominsson, a reign veiled in the blood of almost constant warfare, another threat has emerged. On the surface tribes of Orcs and Goblins are starting to move into and through Thorinkin lands bringing their filth with them. And below Ironbreaker patrols report worrying signs that Skaven may also be returning – strange sounds in the lower tunnels, increasing disappearences of mining units and most concerning of all freshly dug tunnels. Not since the Goblin Wars (1608-1692) and the Storm of Chaos (2523-2526) has the hold faced such peril.

King Druegars Hammerer Bodyguard stand ready with the rest of the army

Now a large force of Black Orcs, Orc Big Uns and Savage Orcs has invaded the holds southern territories burning settlements and destroying crops. Runelord Thirak Grazgdukr has marched out of the holds southern fortress of Kazad Thrombidal to do battle on the plains of Drulkin Zhuf.

The right flank of the Green scums battle line - River Trolls, Black Orcs & Wolf Riders
Runelord Grazgdukr sends a Regiment of Rangers ahead of his main force to open proceedings
The Green scums right flank - Savage Orc Boys, Orc Big Uns and Boar Chariots.
Runelord Grazgdukr deploys his forces. Sensing the vile taint of Shaman magic he positions himself behind in the Forest behind the Organ Gun and readies himself to call up the Runes of his people. The armies Battle Standard Bearer Kilagh Urgarad stands ready with the Hammerers and Warriors of Clan Theolik "The Goblin Killers" and ruling clan of Karak Thorinkin.
On the right flank Quarrellers ready themselves as the Cannon crew warm their gun barrel sending a great cloud of smoke out over the battlefield.
Advancing impatiently the Green scum move forward managing to avoid the squabbling that plagues their race. The Thorinkin wait patiently and tense as the first crackling waves of Greenskin magic slice through the afternoon sky. But the runes of the Thorinkin are too powerful and the result is little more than a shower of faint sparks over the battlefield. Greenskin artillery - Doomdiver and Catapult - show the weakness of non-Dwarven warmachines and misfire to the delight of the watching Dwarfs.
Battle is joined. On the Dwarven left flank the Rangers have cut down one unit of Wolf Riders and turned to face the River Trolls whose vile stench makes it hard for them to breath. Meanwhile after watching their Black Orc cousins be decimated by repated Organ Gun Volleys the Savage Orcs and Big Uns charge the main Thorinkin Battle line.

Cheers erupt throughout the Dwarven ranks as the Big Uns are cut down in droves by Dwarven Great Weapons and flee the battlefield. Both their initial charge and retreat take them through a Wlydewood which proceeds to turn on the Green scum adding scores of corpses to those at the feet of the Dwarven Warriors.

Meanwhile to the rear a Regiment of Miners has emerged from its underground advance and charged the rear of the Black Orc unit and the Green scums General and the Rangers have charged the Trolls.
The River Trolls proof strong opponents but not strong enough. While their vomit horribly kills half of the Ranger unit they themselves are cut down and forced to flee. This allows the Rangers to charge into the flank of the Orc Generals Black Orc Regiment adding their numbers to those of Miners. At the same time the Warrior regiment which saw off the Big Uns also charges the Black Orcs and soon they are surrounded on three sides by Dwarven Great Weapons.

But to the rear things are not going so well. The Hammerrs even with the support of the armies Battle Standard Bearer are hard pressed to hold against the Frenzied double weapon weilding Savage Orcs. Although half of the Orcs are dead so to are half of the Dwarfs, and there are less of them. The survivors stubbornly refuse to run but can only watch as a unit of Wolf Riders, after first routing the Quarrellers charges into their flank.
Soon the Hammerers are dead and the Battle Standard Bearer Kilagh Urgarad stands alone for several rounds of combat resoluting refusing to flee, and coming close to causing the Orcs to run from his seemingly invincibility.
To the rear the Orcs suffer further losses but also display similar courage. The Black Orcs are cut down in droves leaving the Orc Big Boss alone against two full Regiments of Warriors and the Miners. But he battles on, perhaps mimicing the actions of Kilagh Urgarad and wipes out the Miner Regiment single handed. But he cannot survive and he is cut down, not even the rallying of the Big Uns and their charge into the flank of the Dwarven Warriors midway through the melee can save him.

The Orc General is cut down and the Warriors turn on and swifly rout the Big Uns. But to their victory is short lived as to their right Kilagh Urgarad's brave fight ends in as an overwhelming tide of Greenskins bear him to the ground in death. But more horribly still the Orc Shaman in his last act breaks through the Runes protecting the army and kills Runelord Thirak Grazgdukr with the Big Foot of Gork. With both armies now having lost their Generals, their Battle Standards and a large proportion of their infantry the battle ends as both Dwarf and Orc slowly withdraw. The Orcs though take some pride in having caused slightly more losses to the Dwarfs, but only slightly.

But their is no rest for the Thorinkin. As the remnants of the Dwarven force return to their fortress they are greeted with a horrifying message - "Skaven have breached the lower tunnels!!!"....

[Next week Dwarfs vs. Skaven @2400pts stay tuned]

July 28, 2011

New Heavy Mortars & Dunkelgreb for Fallschirmjager

Well I learned the hard way that I need Heavy Mortars with their 3+ FP if I expect my FJ to assualt through dug in enemy troops. So I finally got around to basing my Heavy Mortar Platoon. The other thing tournaments definately do is inspire you to improve the painting and basing of your miniatures. Panzershrek was no exception and the best painted armies collection of half-tracks was just unbelievably good, and made mine look like crap.

So last night I did some experimenting and worked out a new way to get a decent enough looking Dunkelgreb type colour. It turned out really well after trying it on my new FJ Heavy Mortar Platoon, so I spent last night repainting my Pak Guns, 7.5cm Artillery, Mortars, HMG, Light Guns and Half-tracks in the same colour.
Results were better than expected and the colour really makes the miniatures stand out- the Pak guns look so much better.
The original colour scheme

Artillery Platoon is still waiting on the final gun base, the observers and HQ team to be finished but I am going to concentrate on the Heavy Mortars first. The Heavy Mortars themselves are from the Forged in Battle range while the figures are from the standard German Mortar Crew platoon collection.

July 27, 2011

FRACAS IV my next FOW tournament

Am attending another FOW tournament in two weeks time - FRACAS IV a 600pt MW 1 day tournament with some interesting restrictions:
  • Armies must have CHQ + 3 Platoons
  • Minimum of 1 combat Platoon
  • No top armour 2
Was considering not going as it was hard to work out an effective 600pt Fallschirmjager list but after doing some work on Army Builder I think I have come up with something pretty useable.

Fallschirmjager LW
Source book - North Africa (21st Pz) Fearless Veteran

CHQ - 1 x Panzerknacker/SMG, 1 x SMG, 3 x GW42 8cm Mortars - 150
FJ Platoon - 1 x Panzerknacker/SMG, 2 x Rifle/MG Squads - 190
FJ Platoon - 1 x Panzerknacker/SMG, 2 x Rifle/MG Squads - 190
FJ Light Platoon - 1 x SMG, 2 x LG40 7.5cm Light Guns - 70

Total 600pts
Going to be interesting as I can see people sneaking in all armour lists. Did some calculations on army builder and I built a couple of nasty ones consisting of several Platoons of Light Tanks. But as I don't own any other armies and only really want to play using my own stuff the tank-less Fallschirmjager will just have to do.

I also started painting up my FJ Heavy Mortars last night. Using some FiB Heavy Mortars and a bunch of left over standard FJ Mortar crew for each base. The Forged in Battle mortars are pretty good and come with some neat little ammo carts, but the figures were awful. The standard Mortar crewmen don't come with guys in quite the right poses but some fiddling made them turn out OK.

Oh and heres the rainbow I saw out of my office window this morning - very nice.

Been cold as hell last few days, Whanau in Christchurch got a foot of snow, now its raining like buggery - got to love Winter weather in New Zealand.

July 26, 2011

FOW Tournament Battle Report - Game 2

Panzershrek X
vs. US Paras & British Tank Company
Scenario - Witches Cauldron
Role - Attacker

The game board emphasising the smaller deployment area of the defending British who began in prepared positions. Random Deployment turned out to be very lucky for us with all of our forces (less reserves) starting off in the same table two table quarters (at bottom of picture).
US Paras occupy a half-circle defensive perimeter around the edge of the village. The objectives are both located on the outskirts but close enough that infantry in the buildings can contest them from within hard cover.
Our forces deploy. Fallschirm and Tigers (with CHQ) deployed in cover ready to advance. The Artillery and a single Platoon of Mortars were deployed to the top right of this picture. Our only worry here was where the ambushing Platoon of flame throwing Churchills was going to pop up.
With the defending player getting the first turn I made my first mistake in not deploying the Artillery and Mortars further away, and in not deploying to limit the ambushers ability to place themselves close. The Churchills with their FA 13 were scary as hell and their presence really screwed with our thinking. The Artillery spent a good part of the game unsuccessfully trying to range in on them.
Fallschirm and Tigers begin to march up but halt short of assault positions but close enough to contest the objective. The dug in LMG of the US Paras were a concern particularly as we were having major issues getting smoke screens ranged in and laid down to protect the advance.

Those damn Churchills continued to make life difficult and after a small advance this flank remained effectively stationary as we tried to figure what to do against them. Even Tigers couldnt make much of an impression on their FA.

Lucky dice rolls for reserves see the 2nd Fallschirm and Tiger Platoons come on at the same time, and in the same place and the opposite side of the village. They allow us start advancing toward both objectives at once and somewhat rescue the Churchill inspired tactical quandry we had got ourselves into.
We bite the bullet and send in the Tigers and Fallschirm to assault the US Paras - dug in, concealed and gone to ground our Artillery can do nothing to dislodge them. Constant barrages had killed a couple of teams but little else. But, they had at least kept the Paras pinned down reducing their defensive fire.
The assualt fails and we are forced to withdraw, particularly as the Churchills had now advanced on the Fallschirms flank and begun roasting our infantry.

Finally we gain a success. British reserves come on and are immediately followed by our last reserves a full Platoon of Paks. These deploy to the rear of the British reserve Sherman Platoon, open fire and cause the Tanks to melt away fleeing the field.
Unfortunately taking out the Shermans was to be our only success. Increasing pressure from the enemy decimate the Fallshirm on both flanks and once again our attempts to assault the dug in Paras are kept at bay.

The final acts of the battle see things go really wrong for us. The Churchills and British Artillery take out our guns and mortars and our infantry is forced to assault over open ground. Tiger tanks bravely try to contest one objective but are roasted by Para Bazookas and British flame throwers.

All up we advanced en-mass and then halted. Waited for smoke and artillery support which didnt work as required. Assaulted without supporting fire and got wiped out. Fell back. Got roasted by flame tanks. Broke and ran.

Result 2-5 Loss

July 25, 2011

FOW Tournament Battle Report - Game 1

Panzershrek X
vs. Scottish Highland Division
Scenario - Dust Up
Our role - Attacker

Our Highland opponents make their grand entrance. At this stage it all seemed rather simple.The table showing our deployment zones and the approximate starting positions of our units in Turn 1. As attacker we had delayed deserves and it took until Turn 4 before any came on.
The Blue Stars are the objectives.
The Scotts deploy their artillery park. It took up an entire table quarter and against it our 3 10.5cm games seemed rather lame. Careful positioning by the Scotts meant that we could catch no more than one gun under our templates at a time.

Delayed reserves meant we had to sit back and wait things out. Our single mobile force on the table of 3 Tigers wouldnt have survived assualting through the Scotts 17pdrs and their direct fire capable artillery. We were also very wary of the 3 Platoons of Wasp carriers that would soon appear in the British reserve zone. In the interim British airpower and artillery
pummelled our forces.
After wiping out our artillery the Typhoons then went after the Pak 40s and Tigers dug in around our 2nd objective - located to the southeast of the ruined village.
Our reserves finally come on in the form of the 2nd FJ & Tiger combat platoons. Their target objective is in the top right of the picture (its a plain brown base). But unfortunately Scottish infantry had already dug in around ruins north of the road blocking our advance.The only option was to assualt. The first attempt by the Fallschirmjager alone failed. So a 2nd assault by the Tigers and the Fallschirm was launched.Unfortunately things came unstuck rapidly as Scottish PIATS took out first one, and then the other Tiger. Defensive took its toil on the advancing Fallschirm. While we eventually pushed the Scotts out of the ruins our reserves had been depleted so much they were too weak to advance on the objective.
Meanwhile the Fallschirm dug in the ruined village at the crossroads could only watch as Scottish reserves came pouring onto the field. Skillfully deployed behind forests they remained safe from our Paks and Tigers until the last minute. By this time Scottish artillery and Airpower had also whittled our forces down considerably.Wasp flame carriers move in toward the objective (a ruined Tiger Tank) and the Fallschirm begin taking casualties. However, the Wasps didnt count on facing an entire platoon of Panzerfaust armed infantry backed by 3 Panzershrek teams. A large number of Wasps were toasted and the supporting infantry also took losses.

But this wasn't enough as the Scottish artillery continued to rain down on the Fallschirm and they were eventually buried under tons of rubble. The few survivors fled the field, running past the hulks of burning Tiger tanks and wrecked Paks.
The Scotts victorious celebrated to the sound of bagpipes.