July 14, 2011

Battle Report - High Elves vs. Orcs

Now for something very different a battle report from a guest blogger - in this case my mate Adam who took my place, and my High Elf army, at a recent WHFB campaign tournament after I had to withdraw for personal reasons. He not only took my army down to Wellington for me, but competed extremely well and has kindly started writing up reports on all of his games to boot.

Deployment – Orcs

Deployment – High Elves

My plan with this deployment, was to use the forest on the left, as a way to split the orc army into manageable sections, namely where the leadership of the general and with the BSB was out of reach. So I put the lions and Dragon Princes (DP) to hold the left flank. In the middle I would use shooting to take out the chariots and mangler squigs depending on which posed the greatest threat at the time. Then the eagle on the right flank would take out the rock lobber, using the cover of the building and the forest to make without being shot to pieces.

The spells for the archmage in this game were:Dwellers below; Flesh to Stone; Throne of Vines; Shield of Thorns; and Regrowth. The objective for the mage was then to focus on eliminating anything left behind after shooting in order to make sure there were no support units interfering in the big combats with the spearman or phoenix versus the savage orcs and big orc unit.

High Elf Turn 1
-The DP charged the wolf goblin riders who elected to flee, while the rest of the army moved up. In the magic phase both throne of vines and flesh to stone were dispelled, with the archers only causing one wound on the mangler squig on the right.
Orc Turn 1
-Animosity caused both the unit of savage orcs on the left edge of the table and the unit the orc general and BSB in it to squabble, otherwise the rest of the army was fine, with even the goblin wolf riders being able to rally and move to in front of the DP in order to get them to overrun off the board if they charged next turn. The pump wagon moved into the forest and suffered two wounds, with the roll for the forest revealing it to be a blood forest. The orc magic phase was uneventful with the foot of gork being dispelled, and the hand of gork moving the pump wagon further down the left flank to be free of the wood. In the shooting phase the doom diver (DD) killed two DP, while the rock lobber failed to land a rock on the spearman.

High Elf T2
Both the DP and the lions charge the goblin wolf riders. I did this so that I could keep the lions and DP together on the left flank, and by overrunning off the board they would not get shot at by the Doom Diver (DD). The Eagle charged the rock lobber as well. Throne of vines was successfully cast, but regrowth was not being the end of the magic phase. The archers caused one more wound on the closest mangler squig. In combat we didn’t ever both to roll any dice, the goblin wolf riders were simply taken off the table, with the DP and Lions going off the board.

Orc Turn 2
Animosity didn’t affect any units this turn, with the unit of two wolf chariots on the left charging the spearman. The rest of the army moved up with the wolf chariots on the left, the pump wagon and mangler squigs getting into charge range. In the Magic phase the hand of gork moved the left mangler squig into the phoenix guard; while a large version of the foot of gork was able to kill seven phoenix guard, and even though the archmage failed the look-out sir roll the 4+ ward save meant nothing happened. The foot of gork then backfired onto the orc army killing 14 orcs out of the unit of orcs with the BSB and general on the left. In the shooting phase neither the DD or the rock lobber did much.

In combat the wolf chariots caused three wounds from impact hits, the spearman in return were able to cause four wounds killing a wolf chariot outright, while a wolf was able to cause one wound as well. The remaining wolf chariot broke from close combat, while the spearman successfully restrained in order to maintain a healthy distance between themselves and the rest of the orc army. The eagle was able to break the rock lobber crew and run them off the board.

High Elf Turn 3
The DP, Lions and Eagle came back onto the table this turn. With the DP not having enough movement to get out of the line of sight of either the savage orcs or the trolls they just turned to face the savage orcs, while the lions angled themselves to be able to either charger the savage orcs and support the DP or receive a frontal charge from the trolls. The eagle moved closer to the orc army in order to try and march block as many units as possible, while also trying to get a long charge on the lone goblin shaman next turn. In the magic phase, throne of vines was successfully recast, while flesh to stone was scrolled, leaving regrowth to bring back 3 spearman. In the shooting phase the mangler squig which had been wounded earlier was finally killed.

Orc Turn 3
Once again animosity didn’t affect any units in the army. That left the unit of 10 savage orcs on the left to charge the DP, with the DP electing to flee, letting the savage orcs redirect into the lions. The second unit of wolf chariots charged into the spearmen, with the remaining mangler squig going through both the phoenix guard and the spearman in order to get closer to the archers on the hill. The mangler squig was able to kill 2 phoenix guard and six spearmen. The pump wagon was alos able to roll high enough into the phoenix guard this turn. After these main moves, the single wolf chariot was able to rally, while the rest of the army moved up.
The orc magic phase a spelled called itchy something was dispelled, and hand of gork on the mangle squig was failed. In shooting the DD managed to kill the rest of the fleeing DP.
In combat the impact hits from the two wolf chariots killed eight spearmen with two wounds caused by the crew, and then one from the wolf giving a total of 11 wounds.

The spearman replied with a measly single wound, but then the BSB caused three wounds himself. This left the spearman needing three or less to pass their break test, with the re-roll from the BSB making the difference. The pump wagon caused a single wound on the phoenix guard with impact hits, while the phoenix guard were able to completely destroy the pump wagon in response. The combat between the savage orcs and Lions followed a similar trend with the entire unit of savage orcs being destroyed before they could even strike the lions.

High Elf Turn 4
In this turn the lions were able to charge the trolls in the rear, with minor movement from the rest of the HE army. In the magic phase throne of vines was successfully cast, allowing 4 spearmen being regrown with a successful cast of regrowth. In the shooting phase the remaining mangler squig was killed by the archers.

The combat phase saw the lions kill 1 troll outright and leaving one wound on another troll, the trolls broke fled from combat, with the lions failing to restrain from pursuing and going 7” after the trolls. This left the flank of the lions open to a flank charge from the orc unit the next turn. While the spearmen caused one wound on the remaining chariot, leaving the BSB to finish it off completely.

Orc Turn 4
In this turn the big unit of orcs including the BSB, warboss, and another orc hero; as well as the rallied wolf chariot in the centre both charged the unit of Lions. The large unit of savage orcs failed their charge on the spearman, while the unit of trolls was able to rally. In the magic phase both the itchy spell and the sneaky stabbing spell were disabled. While a large version of the foot of gork was cast with irresistible force on the phoenix gurad. The miscast killed three savage orces in base contact with the level 2 orc shaman in their unit, while the shaman itself suffered a wound as well.

The phoenix guard lost 7 of their number to the foot of gork, but it then failed to move to the archer unit, instead it rebounded onto the orc army again, yet instead of putting the rebound on the savage orcs I was hoping to kill some trolls since the large version of the spell caused D3 wound. This meant if I could clear the trolls I would have been able to put the phoenix guard into the rear of the wolf chariot. Unfortunately the foot of gork did nothing to the trolls which foiled the plan to rescue the lions. Nothing happened in the shooting phase however since the DD being unable to hit anything. The combat phase saw the lions kill 3 orcs out of the flanking unit, while the orcs accounted for 3 lions themselves and the chariot killing another 5 lions for a total of 8 wounds. Thankfully, the lions passed the break test on their stubborn leadership.

High Elves Turn 5
The eagle now charged the lone level 2 goblin shaman, with minor movement being the BSB moving from the spearman to the phoenix guard, while the archmage left the phoenix guard so that the unit could charge if needed next turn. During the magic phase a successful cast of throne of vines made it possible to regrow two phoenix guard. INSTEAD OF LIONS, WHAT WAS I THINKING?!!. *Ahem* While dwellers below on the large unit of savage orcs only killed 4 orcs. The archers in the shooting phase were only able to cause one wound on the unit of trolls.

The combat phase swas the lions kill another 2 rank and file orcs. This left the orc Warboss and orc BSB killed 4 lions equally between the (2 each), the rank and file orcs killing 1 lion themselves. Thankfully the lions once again passed their break test. The lions were then able to reform to face the orcs *Which in hindsight may have been a bad idea*. The eagle failed to do anything against the gobbling shaman, while the shaman passed his break test.

Orcs Turn 5
This turn started with the trolls charging the phoenix guard, while the savages once again failed their charge on the spearmen. In the magic phase “ere we go” on the orc unit was dispelled, while shooting from the DD killed 3 spearmen. The combat phase saw a single troll die to 3 wounds from the spearmen, and 1 wound from the BSB, while the trolls replied by causing 5 wounds on the phoenix guard. The combat between the lions and the orcs saw the lions kill 3 orcs, while the orc warboss accounted from 4 lions himself, and the BSB killing one lion letting the team down. This time, the lion’s did need the re-roll from the BSB to stay in combat. The eagle finally killed the level 2 goblin shaman.

High Elf Turn 6
This turn started with the spearman charging into the flank of the trolls. This was done in the hope that I could either wipe out the trolls in this turn of combat or at least buff the spearmen with regrowth or flesh to stone in order to ensure the spearman could handle a charge in the flank from the savage orcs. The eage was also able to successfully charge the DD crew.
The magic phase saw throne of vines successfully cast allowing me to regrow three phoenix guard *Arrrgggh!! Why did I not regrow the LIONS, WHAT WAS I THINKING??!! Shooting from the archers saw two savage orcs die. During combat, the remaining lion was able to kill the unit champion of the orc unit, before being killed, while the eagle broke the DD crew in combat leaving the crew to flee of the field. The spearmen that charged into the flank of the trolls were able to cause two wounds, while the phoenix guard themselves caused an extra three wounds on the unit, and then finally the BSB was able to add a further 2 wounds. The trolls unable to pass their break test fled, following closely by the spears while the phoenix guard restrained in anticipation of a charge from the orc unit. Unfortunately the spearmen did not run far enough to get out of the way of the unit of orcs.

Orc Turn 6
In this turn the what remains of the orc unit with the BSB, orc warbass, and another orc hero charges, breaks and catches the small unit of spearmen, while the trolls that fled in the previous turn were able to rally.

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