July 14, 2011

Dwarf army for next tournament & Dwarf unit filler

Nearly finished my repainting project, as far as my tournament army for August goes, but the overall shape and theme of the army is pretty much complete.

2400pts of Dwarf goodness (should expand out)

Dwarf unit filler

Just a few finishing touches to make on one unit banner, and some Silfor tufts to apply to various bases/movement trays and they are all done.


Tane said...

G'day John,

I like the unit filler, I've had the same idea, to use the pony and mine cart. It might not be very 'warry', but it is a useful symbol to represent how Dwarves might gain an edge from being very well supplied. War isn't all about battle after all, and I imagine many an Orc horde was beaten without fighting, just waiting for them to starve and eat each other....

I want to fill it with weapons and stores. I only wish it had bigger wheels, so it could be a proper cart. Buying them off bits sites will be expensive, so I've been wondering how to make something.

John M said...

I actually got the horse and cart from the Miners regiment box. For some reason you get half a dozen of the things in it. Adam was kind enough to lend them to me. Going to put together at least one more.

Fnurgn said...

Army looks fabbo. Great job!

Fnurgn said...

Army look fabbo. Great job!