July 18, 2011

FOW Battle Report 2200 FJ & Tigers vs. Tankovy

Finally got a practice game in for my first Flames of War tournament this weekend. This time Jerry and I were up against a very nasty Tankovy force consisting of a bunch of Soviet Heavy Tanks and Assault Guns. Playing Hold the Line we started with only a single FJ Platoon, a Platoon of Tigers, and our Artillery on the board. The ace in the hole though was the Platoon of Pak 40s in ambush.

Pictures should all expand out - some are blurry unfortunately.
The board from our end - artillery at the rear (75mm proxying as 105mm), FJ Platoon and Tigers at forward objective
Soviet heavy amour lined up ready to advance

Reinforcements finally come on in the form of FJ Mortars and the 2nd Tiger Platoon
Soviet assault guns advance through a continous smoke barrage - we were laying this down the entire game. 3 guns and 2 platoons of 3 mortars meant we could effectively cover the board and just march the smoke forward. Soviet armour rules meant they couldnt move and shoot so this effectively nullified this entire assault gun unit.

Soviet Assault guns begin to take a toll on our Tigers, which by this stage had not destroyed a single piece of Soviet armour

Panzershrek waits ready to fire at oncoming Soviet armour
Reinforcements come on - note the smoke screen around the Soviet assault guns in the village
More reinforcements come on. The half-tracks quickly realise they are incapable of doing any damage and withdraw to the rear, the infantry runs forward to get into assault positions. The Soviet armour lacking HMG is vulnerable to assault if we can get into position quickly.

Soviet heavy armour moves into assault. Lacking Panzerfausts the Fallschrimjager can do little to repel them.
Half-tracks move past the hulks of burnt out Tiger tanks.

Soviet assault guns emerge from the Smoke ready to attack only to be ambushed in the flank by the Pak 40s. The Paks take out 5 Assault Guns halting the Soviet advance on this flank. Unfortunately on the other flank the Tigers are all taken out effectively destroying our companys morale and ending the game.

A difficult game to play for us but one that imparted a couple of lessons. First, my final list has been edited to give one of my FJ Platoons Panzerfausts - this meant losing the Half-Tracks. Some tweeking also meant I could add another Panzershrek giving me a total of 3. We also learnt, the hard way, that our list is vulnerable to morale failure if the Tigers go. Consequently, we will be keeping them back to fire at long range playing more defensively.

One more practice game this Thursday then its tournament time.... expect lots of pictures next Monday

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