July 22, 2011

FOW Battle Report - FJ & Tigers vs. 7th Armoured

Last practice game before the FOW tournament this weekend. This time Jerry and I were up against a big force of British Armour, two companies both drawn from the 7th Armoured Division (I think) using a mixture of Shermans, Fireflys with infantry and 25pdrs in support. Cant for the life of me remember the name of the scenario but it wasnt a standard one.

The game board looking from British short table edge

Board divided into quarters we attacked from one corner (top right), our opponents defended another (bottom left). Delayed reserves then came from the other two quarters (bottom right in our case, and top left in theirs) - we had 3 Platoons off the board while our opponents had 5, 3 of them armoured. Two objectives in each of the starting quarters. Winner was whoever held an enemy objective at the start of their turn. Also used Mobile battle rule so the defenders artillery couldnt fire in the 1st turn.

German deployment zone (later in battle)
Opening turns consisted larger of exchanges of artillery fire and attempts by infantry to dig in
British artillery lays down smoke to cover Paks as first armoured reinforcements enter the game
Masses of Cromwells and Firefly reinforcements come on and begin their assualt on the dug in Fallschirmjager. Mortar Smoke blinds some of them allowing the Tigers and Paks to take pot shots. But the infantry has to rely on its PF and Panzershreks.
The first British assaults falter and then fail dramatically. Massed waves of machine gun and heavy tank fire fail to break or even kill any of the dug in Fallschirmjager. In reply AT weapons, Pak guns and Tiger Tanks take a deadly toll on British Armour.

Tigers pop in and out of cover to take pot shots at British armour causing heavy losses to the British. Meanwhile the Germans wait in vain for their reinforcements which keep failing to show up, while the British ones arrive every turn.Another wave of British reinforcements arrives and assaults the objective.
Cromwells sneak around the flank to try and take out the Tigers But the Cromwells shots bounce off and they are decimated a close range by the Tiger Tanks.
The Bren Carriers and infantry manage to force the Fallschirmjager, who have taken heavy losses after defending against 3 assualts, off the objective. But they take heavy losses themselves to do so with Artillery fire, Mortars, Panzershreks, Panzerfausts, Rifle/MG, Paks and Tiger HMGs all pouring fire into them.
Meanwhile in the British deployment zone absolutely nothing is happening.

Reinforcements finally come in the form of the 2nd Tiger Platoon. Hull down behind the river bank they begin to pick off the defending British Armour.
Fallschrimjager reinforcements join the 2nd Tiger Platoon and begin advancing on the outnumbered British defenders.
Crossing the river FJ and Tigers make use of the concealed terrain to try and get into assault positions. One assault by the leading FJ Platoon has already failed causing it to lose 2 of its 3 squads.
British infantry and armour counter attack as the action switches to this flank. The German deployment zone is now devoid of action. Only 2 leaderless Fireflys, FJ Artillery and 3 Tiger Tanks are left amongst a sea of destroyed armour. The leaderless Fireflys are still dangerous but unable to move on and take the objectives.

The last gasp of the battle. With the British CHQ moving into command range of the stationary Fireflys the Tigers defending the German deployment zone are knocked out. German reinforcements now pour into the Assault in a desperate attempt to take an objective before the British can.

The game ends when the remaining Fallschirmjager and Tigers are wiped out leaving only the FJ Artillery alive on the table. The British have suffered heavily as well but somehow manage to hang on long enough to secure a win as the Germans break and flee the field.

A damn fun game that we played very late into the night. Definately learnt a few things tactics wise that we will take into the Tournament tomorrow. Going to be fun!!!


Black Bard said...

Nice report! Good luck at the tourney too!

deathkorps said...

Nice coverage! Thanks for posting