July 25, 2011

FOW Tournament Battle Report - Game 1

Panzershrek X
vs. Scottish Highland Division
Scenario - Dust Up
Our role - Attacker

Our Highland opponents make their grand entrance. At this stage it all seemed rather simple.The table showing our deployment zones and the approximate starting positions of our units in Turn 1. As attacker we had delayed deserves and it took until Turn 4 before any came on.
The Blue Stars are the objectives.
The Scotts deploy their artillery park. It took up an entire table quarter and against it our 3 10.5cm games seemed rather lame. Careful positioning by the Scotts meant that we could catch no more than one gun under our templates at a time.

Delayed reserves meant we had to sit back and wait things out. Our single mobile force on the table of 3 Tigers wouldnt have survived assualting through the Scotts 17pdrs and their direct fire capable artillery. We were also very wary of the 3 Platoons of Wasp carriers that would soon appear in the British reserve zone. In the interim British airpower and artillery
pummelled our forces.
After wiping out our artillery the Typhoons then went after the Pak 40s and Tigers dug in around our 2nd objective - located to the southeast of the ruined village.
Our reserves finally come on in the form of the 2nd FJ & Tiger combat platoons. Their target objective is in the top right of the picture (its a plain brown base). But unfortunately Scottish infantry had already dug in around ruins north of the road blocking our advance.The only option was to assualt. The first attempt by the Fallschirmjager alone failed. So a 2nd assault by the Tigers and the Fallschirm was launched.Unfortunately things came unstuck rapidly as Scottish PIATS took out first one, and then the other Tiger. Defensive took its toil on the advancing Fallschirm. While we eventually pushed the Scotts out of the ruins our reserves had been depleted so much they were too weak to advance on the objective.
Meanwhile the Fallschirm dug in the ruined village at the crossroads could only watch as Scottish reserves came pouring onto the field. Skillfully deployed behind forests they remained safe from our Paks and Tigers until the last minute. By this time Scottish artillery and Airpower had also whittled our forces down considerably.Wasp flame carriers move in toward the objective (a ruined Tiger Tank) and the Fallschirm begin taking casualties. However, the Wasps didnt count on facing an entire platoon of Panzerfaust armed infantry backed by 3 Panzershrek teams. A large number of Wasps were toasted and the supporting infantry also took losses.

But this wasn't enough as the Scottish artillery continued to rain down on the Fallschirm and they were eventually buried under tons of rubble. The few survivors fled the field, running past the hulks of burning Tiger tanks and wrecked Paks.
The Scotts victorious celebrated to the sound of bagpipes.


lap1964 said...

Was all that Artillery in one force or split between the 2?


John M said...

Cant recall to be honest, split between the two I think.