July 19, 2011

FOW Tournament 2v2 Army list

We submitted the final copy of our army list for the teams FOW tournament this weekend today. Going to be an interesting time for all involved, 20 teams all up with 40 players. Expecting a lot of Soviet armour and possibly a few infantry armies will just have to wait and see. Anyway heres what Jeremy and I are taking

Panzershrek X - Late War 2200pt Teams Tournament

Fallschirmjager (Mine)
Hells Highway - 3rd FJ Division

CHQ - 1 x PF, 3 x PS, 2 x 8cm Mortar - 175
FJ Platoon - PF & 3 x PF/Rifle/MG Squads - 290
FJ Platoon - PF & 3 x Rifle/MG Squads - 200
FJ AT Platoon - 4 x 7.5cm Pak 40 - 165
FJ Artillery Platoon - 3 x 10.5 cm leFH18 - 150
FJ Mortar Platoon- 2 sections - 115

Total 1,095 pts / 5 Platoons (6 once HQ mortars are battle grouped)

Schwere Panzer Kompanie (Jerry's)
Hammer & Sickle

CHQ - 1 x Tiger IE - 225
Panzer Platoon - 2 x Tiger 1E - 430
Panzer Platoon - 2 x Tiger 1E - 430

Total 1,085 pts / 2 Platoons

More of a defensive than offensive capable pairing as our limited practice games have taught us, but one that should be reasonably effective. Ill get some pictures of the army up on Friday. Expect to see A LOT of pictures from the tournament and battle reports appearing next week.


lap1964 said...

Hi John,
For the unused 20 pts,you could have added extra PF upgrades to the CHQ and the Mortar Plt HQ(you'll never know when they could have come in handy) ?
Hope you have fun,and looking forward to AAR and Pics

John M said...

Yeah unfortunately I didnt realise my partner would have the 15pts spare until after we had submitted our lists. Though he would be bang on the 1100 limit. Next time :)