July 26, 2011

FOW Tournament Battle Report - Game 2

Panzershrek X
vs. US Paras & British Tank Company
Scenario - Witches Cauldron
Role - Attacker

The game board emphasising the smaller deployment area of the defending British who began in prepared positions. Random Deployment turned out to be very lucky for us with all of our forces (less reserves) starting off in the same table two table quarters (at bottom of picture).
US Paras occupy a half-circle defensive perimeter around the edge of the village. The objectives are both located on the outskirts but close enough that infantry in the buildings can contest them from within hard cover.
Our forces deploy. Fallschirm and Tigers (with CHQ) deployed in cover ready to advance. The Artillery and a single Platoon of Mortars were deployed to the top right of this picture. Our only worry here was where the ambushing Platoon of flame throwing Churchills was going to pop up.
With the defending player getting the first turn I made my first mistake in not deploying the Artillery and Mortars further away, and in not deploying to limit the ambushers ability to place themselves close. The Churchills with their FA 13 were scary as hell and their presence really screwed with our thinking. The Artillery spent a good part of the game unsuccessfully trying to range in on them.
Fallschirm and Tigers begin to march up but halt short of assault positions but close enough to contest the objective. The dug in LMG of the US Paras were a concern particularly as we were having major issues getting smoke screens ranged in and laid down to protect the advance.

Those damn Churchills continued to make life difficult and after a small advance this flank remained effectively stationary as we tried to figure what to do against them. Even Tigers couldnt make much of an impression on their FA.

Lucky dice rolls for reserves see the 2nd Fallschirm and Tiger Platoons come on at the same time, and in the same place and the opposite side of the village. They allow us start advancing toward both objectives at once and somewhat rescue the Churchill inspired tactical quandry we had got ourselves into.
We bite the bullet and send in the Tigers and Fallschirm to assault the US Paras - dug in, concealed and gone to ground our Artillery can do nothing to dislodge them. Constant barrages had killed a couple of teams but little else. But, they had at least kept the Paras pinned down reducing their defensive fire.
The assualt fails and we are forced to withdraw, particularly as the Churchills had now advanced on the Fallschirms flank and begun roasting our infantry.

Finally we gain a success. British reserves come on and are immediately followed by our last reserves a full Platoon of Paks. These deploy to the rear of the British reserve Sherman Platoon, open fire and cause the Tanks to melt away fleeing the field.
Unfortunately taking out the Shermans was to be our only success. Increasing pressure from the enemy decimate the Fallshirm on both flanks and once again our attempts to assault the dug in Paras are kept at bay.

The final acts of the battle see things go really wrong for us. The Churchills and British Artillery take out our guns and mortars and our infantry is forced to assault over open ground. Tiger tanks bravely try to contest one objective but are roasted by Para Bazookas and British flame throwers.

All up we advanced en-mass and then halted. Waited for smoke and artillery support which didnt work as required. Assaulted without supporting fire and got wiped out. Fell back. Got roasted by flame tanks. Broke and ran.

Result 2-5 Loss

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