July 27, 2011

FRACAS IV my next FOW tournament

Am attending another FOW tournament in two weeks time - FRACAS IV a 600pt MW 1 day tournament with some interesting restrictions:
  • Armies must have CHQ + 3 Platoons
  • Minimum of 1 combat Platoon
  • No top armour 2
Was considering not going as it was hard to work out an effective 600pt Fallschirmjager list but after doing some work on Army Builder I think I have come up with something pretty useable.

Fallschirmjager LW
Source book - North Africa (21st Pz) Fearless Veteran

CHQ - 1 x Panzerknacker/SMG, 1 x SMG, 3 x GW42 8cm Mortars - 150
FJ Platoon - 1 x Panzerknacker/SMG, 2 x Rifle/MG Squads - 190
FJ Platoon - 1 x Panzerknacker/SMG, 2 x Rifle/MG Squads - 190
FJ Light Platoon - 1 x SMG, 2 x LG40 7.5cm Light Guns - 70

Total 600pts
Going to be interesting as I can see people sneaking in all armour lists. Did some calculations on army builder and I built a couple of nasty ones consisting of several Platoons of Light Tanks. But as I don't own any other armies and only really want to play using my own stuff the tank-less Fallschirmjager will just have to do.

I also started painting up my FJ Heavy Mortars last night. Using some FiB Heavy Mortars and a bunch of left over standard FJ Mortar crew for each base. The Forged in Battle mortars are pretty good and come with some neat little ammo carts, but the figures were awful. The standard Mortar crewmen don't come with guys in quite the right poses but some fiddling made them turn out OK.

Oh and heres the rainbow I saw out of my office window this morning - very nice.

Been cold as hell last few days, Whanau in Christchurch got a foot of snow, now its raining like buggery - got to love Winter weather in New Zealand.


lap1964 said...

How about?
HQ + 2PK =65
FJ Plt+PK =190
FJ Pion Plt = 240
NbW 35,1 section = 105*
*these are just the long barreled 8cm mortars on a medium base with 4 crew.
Did you think about the Soviet Mixed Tankovy with 29 T-26s ?

John M said...

Unfortunately I can only take what I have and needed to submit a list yesterday as it was overdue.

If I could I would have taken a big tank army but prefer to play with my own stuff.

Next time :)

lap1964 said...

The big tank force is what you could end up facing? Is what i was on about!!

John M said...

Yeah Im kind of expecting it - although the comp rules do say no top armour 2 so I might be ok.

Either way until I get my US Tank Company off the ground ill just have to lump it :) pity some people take things too far down the cheesy route when it comes to list building