July 4, 2011

High Elves under a new commander

Friend and fellow Dwarf player Adam took my High Elves off to Horned Rat for me this weekend. From the scattered reports I have recieved so far he did pretty well couple of wins couple of draws and had a good time.

Waiting on some photos and updates from him and I can post some battle reports etc - I mean just because Im not doing anything right now doesnt mean I cant showcase someone elses efforts.

Also been following Hobby Horses progress on his Avatars of War Dwarf Beserker regiment. The models look damn good - and long term they are most definately taking shape as an option for my Dwarf army. Slayers are the only unit I dont really have and the AoW models look pretty good as an affordable option - thinking of buying enough to field a horde of say 30-40 Slayers.

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