July 25, 2011

Panzershrek X a FOW tournament in pictures

Finished my first FOW tournament yesterday. Had a lot of fun, played some great games, meet some good people and thoroughly enjoyed myself despite my teammate and I finishing dead last :( Going to be posting detailed battle reports from the tournament over the next week or so, so stay tuned. First up though I thought Id share some random images from the weekend.

Our army

My HH 3rd Div Fallschirmjager and Jeremy's Tiger Company from Hammer & Sickle.
Winner of best painted prize
He did the outlining by hand using a finebrush, no dry or flat brushing - just awesome. Player in question was only a young fella too from the Hutt Valley Gaming Club. He and his team mate thrashed our team in Game 4 on Sunday.

Table and random army images
The set up at the tournament was just awesome - the amount and variation of terrain was great and the board set ups offered something for everyone. That so many of the tables were the result of one player raiding his personal stash was somewhat scary though.

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