July 20, 2011

WHFB Battle Report - High Elves vs. Skaven 2000pts

The 2nd battle report from my mate Adams tournament outing with my High Elves earlier this month. This time Adam was up against one of our club mates Doug and his Skaven horde.

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The spells for this game were: Dwellers Below, Shield of Thorns, Throne of Vines, Flesh to Stone, and Regrowth. The hill in my deployment zone was a scree slope.

Skaven deployment
High Elf deployment

The plan with deployment was to fully utilise the hill which was a scree slope where any unit charging or fleeing on the hill had to roll a dangerous terrain test. The plan would be to use the terrain to slow down and split up the army into sizeable chunks that I could focus on one at a time, a key to achieving this would be breaking through the left flank with the Eagle and Dragon Princes (DP) and get around the army. Deploying the spearmen between the hillside and the forest meant I could also better funnel the centre and right flank of the army in order to limit the number of skaven units that can be committed to a combat. A huge advantage with deploying the spearmen between the forest and hill, was the fact the Lions suffered no movement penalties in the forest. This meant I could use the forest to slow down the skaven even further as well as disrupt the skaven units. Placing the archers on the hill also meant they had a view of most of the skaven army for the whole game. What did not help was the night runner tunnelling marker being placed right in front of them though.

High Elf Turn 1
Turn one was relatively with quiet with some movement by the Eagle and DP, throne of vines being dispelled and the archers killing a couple of giant rats.

Skaven Turn 1
The skaven turn was also quiet, with the whole army just moving forward.

High Elves Turn 2
This turn started with the DP and Eagle charging the unit of slaves with the engineer in it, the slaves promptly fled, leaving the DP and eagle to redirect into the rat swarms. It was essential to break the swarm in one turn, if I want to be able to get around the army. The lions also failed a charge on the slaves, that were in front of the clan rats. Throne of vines was successfully cast, while dwellers below on the clanrat unit was dispelled. The archers also killed a few more giant rats before being charged next turn. In combat the DP and Eagle caused enough wounds to leave one rat swarm on two wounds. However this still meant the DP and eagle could be charged the following turn. Something I really was not looking forward too.

Turn 2

Skaven Turn 2
In this turn the Night runners turned up right under the archer unit, allowing them to be in combat without charging; with the giant rats also charging the archers and only losing 5 wounds to the dangerous terrain. This turn also saw the assassin which had been deployed as a scout at the start of the game, charge into the rear of the lions in what was supposed to be a combo charge with the rat ogres and the grinder, but both the grinder and the rat ogres failed the charge leaving the assassin to take on the lions all alone. On the left flank the other unit of giant rats were able to charge into the flank of the DP, while random movement put the doom wheel into the lions. The slaves that had fled from the lions continued to flee, while the unit with the engineer were able to rally.

In the shooting phase the doom wheel killed only two lions, with the lions destroyed the Doom Wheel in combat after losing another 2 lions to its grinding attack. The assassin who was part of the same combat was only able to kill a single lion himself, with the resulting loss in combat and failed break test by the assassin leaving the lions free to move around next turn. The combat in the archers, was relatively one sided with the night runners, grinder attack, and the giant rats being enough to break and catch the archers. The DP and Eagle were also broken in combat and chased off the table.

High Elf Turn 3
In this turn the Lions and spearman charged the slaves. The aim here was to get the lions away from the rat ogres and plague monks, by trying to break or pop the slaves and get a good roll high roll for the overrun distance. This would also move the lions closer to the centre of the action where the night runners and other unites were posing a huge threat to the phoenix guard on the left flank.

During the magic phase a successfully cast dwellers below on the unit of clanrats with the warlord and BSB, was able to kill 18 skaven and also the BSB as a bonus. The clanrat unit did not flee however, which was unfortunate. The combat phase was a bit of a mixed bag, with the slaves being broken, and popping, but what I realised was that if the lions were allowed to overrun, it would leave the spearman exposed to the harder combat units of the skaven army. So instead they reformed, to be able to take a front charge from the rat ogres and the rest of the skaven army next turn.

Turn 3
Skaven Turn 3
In this turn as predicted the rat ogres with the warlord on a rat ogre mount, and the doom flayer all charged the unit of lions. Meanwhile the assassin was able to rally before going off the table edge. With no shooting this turn, the next step was combat. During combat the lions gave as good as they got, causing 8 wounds on the ogres, 1 wound on the warlod, and also destroying the doom flayer, while losing 15 of their own. Thankfully they passed their break test and it was then on to the next turn.

High Elf Turn 4
This turn started with the spearman charging the unit of clan rats, who elected to flee, while in the magic phase both regrowth on the lions was dispelled and dwellers below was unsuccessfully cast, leaving the remaining lion to be squashed in combat.

Skaven Turn 4 & end of game
Charges this turn were the plague monks, warlod plus rat ogres, and grinder into the spearman with the BSB; while the giant rats charged the flank of the phoenix guard. During the magic phase throne of vines was dispelled. Combat saw the BSB cause one wound on the warlord in a challenge before the BSB himself was killed, while the spears failed to do anything themselves. Without the BSB he unit broke, but at least they out ran the skaven.

The combat between the phoenix guard and the giant rats was a stale mate. his was to be the last turn, since we had run out of time during the tournament to keep going. The result as can be considered obvious was a massacre win for the skaven.

Thanks Adam another great write up - looking forward to the rest!!!

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