August 29, 2011

Plastic Solider Company PzIV's have arrived

These little beauties arrived in the office mail this morning. Moulding etc is fantastic, and putting them together is going to be a breeze a lot like the 1/72 scale Airfix kits I used to build when I was a kid.

If I sneak some glue into the office I might even get them all finished in time to use them at the Club on Thursday night - have a 1500pt LW game of FOW against Caleb.

August 28, 2011

Ogres released Dwarfs are next!!!

If the schedule is to be believed then after the new Ogre book - which looks awesome btw - comes out next month we will have a 5-7 month wait till the next new release which will be Dwarfs. Not sure where this info came from because the general opinion for a long time had been that Brettonians and Wood Elves would get the treatment first, Brettonians especially needing a facelift.

Anyway given the wholesale changes and new monsters etc we seem to get in every book what would I like in the next Dwarf book?

Answer - the BSB to be able to carry a GW and a lot more fluff and thats it, honestly...

The Dwarf book as it is works, yes some 2 attacks each infantry would be cool and maybe a big mechanical monster and cheaper points cost for Rangers etc. But while it needed substantial changes to make it competitive in 7th, in 8th it works well as is.

So please GW dont change my Dwarfs too much just give me more fluff lots of it - maps, stories, legends, new heroes, runic historys, pictures all the cool stuff. Oh and the BSB-GW thing too and ill be happy. I would hate to see Dwarfs lose the character and charm they currently have...

August 26, 2011

Battle Report - Dwarfs vs. Warriors of Chaos 2400pts

Friendly match up vs. Caleb at the club last night. I took my Dwarf list from Karak Eight Peaks but modified it by dropping 10 Miners, their command and a RO Furnace on the Runelord so I could include the Gyrocopter. Calebs Warriors of Chaos list comprised:

Mage L4
- Tzentch, Enchanted Shield, Talisman of Preservation, Infernal Puppet, Word of Agony
- Tzentch, Biting Blade, Dragon Helm, Talsiman of Endurance, Shield, Ironcurse Icon, Stream of Corruption
18 x Chaos Warriors of Tzentch
- Command, Shields, Gleaming Pennant
20 x Chaos Warriors of Khorne
- Command, Extra Hand Weapon
20 x Chaos Warriors of Khorne
- Command, Extra Hand Weapon
5 x Marauder Horsemen of Khorne
- Flails, Musician
5 x Maruader Horsemen of Khorne
- Flails, Musician
5 x Chaos Knights
- Musician
5 x Chaos Knights
- Musician
5 x Warhounds
5 x Warhounds

We ended up playing Blood and Glory with the extra large deployment zone and army Fortitude rules (which we promptly forgot about), Caleb choosing sides and winning first turn.

Deployment (except for the Rangers who down on far right in front of a unit of Chaos Knights). My army well forward, warmachines behind his Warriors all grouped, cavalry on the flanks. Rocks were considered passable only if you could move over them in one go, and they could not be pursued through. The small forest in the middle, the only one anyone contacted, was a Fungus Forest causing Stupidity.
Gyrocopter watches the deploying Chaos Army - it would soon fly in and try to take out the advancing fast cavalry. Problem is I shot it in the wrong order. Quarrellers were supposed to take out the Warhounds and then leave the Marauders to the Gyro. I did it the other way round, meaning the Quarrellers had to shoot the Marauders at long range.
Turn 2 and the charges begin. The Stone-thrower which missed once the entire game has already taken out half of one of the Khorne blocks but the rest come crashing in. The Gyrocopter has fled from the charge of the Marauders, when in hindsight I should have let it take the charge - it might have done some damage. Hammerers were now facing 36 attacks a round from the Warriors of Chaos, and another handful from the Tzentch Mage and BSB.

Chaos Knights on the flank charge the Rangers who had tryed to charge - Scouts being allowed to do so in the first turn, if you did not move first - and failed. I fully expected the Rangers to decimate the Knights but they didnt because (a) they fluffed their rolls and (b) the Knights 1+ AS even when reduced to a 3+ because of the S5 attacks saved them. End result I had to make a Stubborn roll to stay in combat.
Disaster testing on L9 the Rangers fail, flee and are chased down. The entire unit wiped out in Turn 2 without killing a single Chaos Knight. My flank is now wide open and the Chaos Knights are unfortunately just out of Organ Gun range.

The central combat somehow continues and the Hammerers valiantly hold on as the Miners charge in to provide support. Meanwhile the other Warrior block has had to chase off a unit of Warhounds whose positioning prevented them from getting into combat earlier. The Chao Warriors of Tzentch are proving impossible to kill, but the Khorne block is getting seriously whittled down. But vs. 4 attacks from each of the front rank models I am struggling.

Marauders now join the melee adding to the confusion in the middle as my BSB is drawn into a challenge where neither he nor the Tzentch General can wound each-other.

Chaos Knights on the flank charge the Cannon. Shooting from the Warmachines has done well so far. The Organ Gun even though behind my infantry still has LOS to the taller Chaos Warriors and has taken down the 2nd Khorne Block. The Cannon however misfires but manages not to blow itself up. Chaos magic up to this point has been ineffective and Caleb abandons it for the remainder of the game.
The Miners are wiped out and the Marauders overrun while the 2nd Warrior block finally gets into combat wiping out most of the 2nd Khorne Block. The Hammerers though are getting seriously depleted and still cant kill the Tzeentch Warriors.

Disaster the Hammerers are all killed and the BSB flees and is cut down. The 8 remaining Warriors of Khorne then swing right aiming for the Quarrellers. At the same time the Chaos Knights on the right have overrun the Cannon and charged the Stone Thrower. The Engineer fires his pistols and kills 2, yes 2, Knights and the rest then fail their charge. The Marauders meanwhile go for the Organ Gun, and the Quarrellers have been charged by the 2nd Chaos Knight unit who are surprised when the Quarrellers turn out to be the uber-killer unit of the day.

In the background my remaining block of Warriors wipes out the Chaos Warriors of Khorne and turns to face the unkillable Warriors of Tzeentch. AH HA take that - a stand and shoot reaction from the Quarrellers kills 1 Chaos Knight, and they then kill 2 more in combat forcing the remaining Knight to flee. The Quarrellers give chase but are unable to catch him, but unable to rally he runs off the board.

However, by this stage things are well and truly over for me. The Warriors have been comprehensively wiped out by the Chaos Warriors of Tzentch, and the Organ Gun has gone down to the Marauders. My only success in this Turn other than the Quarrellers seeing off the Chaos Knights was more great shooting from the Stone Thrower. It scores a direct hit on the remaining Chaos Knights unit killing 2 of them, and then in the next turn lands on top of the Warriors of Khorne reducing them to one model.
That sole surviving Khorne Warrior charges the Quarrellers and is cut down in combat, the Quarrellers reform to face the Stone Thrower ready for Turn 6 which begins with the Marauders and remaining Chaos Knight charging the Stone Thrower.

Amazingly the Artillery crew hang on long enough for the Quarrellers to flank charge the Marauders at the end of Turn 6. The Stone Thrower crew is wiped out as are the Marauders and the game ends. Both armies have been decimated. Chaos have lost both big blocks of Khorne Warriors, nearly 2 complete units of Chaos Knights, their Warhounds and both blocks of Marauders. My Dwarfs on the other hand have suffered far worse and once we remembered the Fortitude scenario rules it was pretty clear that Caleb was the winner either way.

To give you an idea of the carnage this was the pile of dead models at the beginning of Turn 6

August 24, 2011

Tournament Report: Dwarves vs. Orcs & Goblins

Call to Arms 2011: Karak Eight Peaks WHFB Campaign Event
Game 2 vs. Neil Williamson
Scenario: Chokepoint from WD March 2011

Chokepoint is a variation on battleline that awards extra VP for getting across to the other side of the board (100 VP per unit in the enemys half of table) and for claiming the centre point of the table (army with most "models" within 12" of centre gets 250VP). Up against Neil's Goblin horde which included one unit of 80 Night Goblins, but thankfully no Fanatics although he did have a Mangler Squig which is worse - but at least you know where it is.

The scenario also included a special rule that meant everybody hated everybody, and if you already hated them then you got eternal hatred. So non-stop re-rolls every combat round for me.

Deployment pre-scouts. The ruins we played as hard cover forests. Neil would place some Orcs, a Giant and two Chariots down to the right of the swamp in the bottom left of the picture. My Rangers went down in the ruins with the big dice on top of it.
The Night Goblin Horde - 50 shots in volley fire if it didnt move!!!
Rangers deploy in charge range of Neils right flank. He gets first turn and declares a charge with all four units on that flank against the Rangers. Result ...... Orcs & Giant roll double 1's and fail to charge and only the Chariots make it in only to be slaughtered.

Meanwhile the rest of Neils army passes its animosity checks and moves forward. His Shamans also roll well on the Winds of Magic with Neil getting a 6/6 giving him 11 PD to my 9DD. But its disaster (for him) after that as a spell aimed at giving his shooting block poison attacks miscasts. The IF gives the unit the poison but the resulting Dimensional Cascade (all my opponents seemed to roll this) kills 15 Goblins and then the Shaman. I respond to Neils opening moves by charging the Rangers at his Giant, rather than the Orcs, next to it as I am certain I can kill the Giant before being flanked by the Orcs - but I cant be certain I can kill the Orcs before the Giant flanks me. Oh no - the dice gods are ignoring Neil. The Giant dies only killing 2 Dwarfs in the process, and he collapses directly onto the Orcs killing 8 of them. The Orcs then FLEE THE FIELD!!!
During the same turn my artillery has also destroyed his Rock Lobber and started targeting his other warmachines.
Neil responds by charging the pump wagon into the pursuing Dwarfs, this gives him a modicum of revenge as the Pump Wagon makes short work of the Rangers. However, they have done their job and single handedly wiped out the Orcs right flank. His shooting also takes out the Organ Gun leaving me vulnerable to the oncoming Squig herd and Mangler Squig.
Turn 3 - Goblin animosity keeps most of Neils army from moving giving me the initiative. The Miners also come on and I deploy them on my board edge to counter the Chariots and Mangler Squig move up on my right. Meanwhile to avoid being charged by the Squig herd the Warriors charge the Goblins next to them hoping to break them and overrun in the first round of combat.
The gamble pays off, the Goblins break and run after failing to kill a single Dwarf and losing 12 of their number in the 1st round of combat. The Warriors surge forward leaving the Hammerers alone to the rear.
The big melee is joined!!!!!! The Night Goblin horde and Squig Herd charge the Hammerers, leaving my Warrior unit in the rear facing the wrong way.
Meanwhile the Miners move up quickly seeking to get into flank charge position against the Squigs - hoping that the Hammerers can Stubbornly hold on. Shooting has also taken out the Mangler Squig and started to hit the remaining Chariot.
The Miners charge the flank of the Squigs as the Hammerers, down to less than 1/2 strength, valiantly hold on. Meanwhile the Warriors to the rear reposition themselves to either charge the rear of the melee or collect any fleeing Goblins.
Neil losses combat and the Night Goblins flee, only the Squig Herd who are ITP hang on still fighting to the side against the Miners. Unfortunately as the Miners are now larger in size than the Hammerers the fleeing Night Goblins dont head for the Warriors positioned behind them but off to the left of the Hammerers who fail to chase them down.
The Squigs explode as the last of them is cut down by the Miners Champion and my units advance to hold the centre of the field. The last of Neils Chariots and his pump wagon have been sniped by my Cannon and Stone Thrower and only his rallied Night Goblin horde remains. I've lost my Rangers and half my Hammerers but have secured a pretty satisfying win


Big lesson I learnt from this game was never stack your dead models around a live unit - my Quarrellers which had been really effective in Turns 1 and 2 suddenly disappeared from the table. Not because they were dead but because I had piled so many dead Hammerers around them that I completely forgot they were there - luckily so did Neil.

Tournament Report - Dwarves vs Skaven

Call to Arms 2011: Karak Eight Peaks WHFB Campaign Tournament
Game 1 vs. Pete Dunn
Scenario: Seek & Destory from WD March 11

[Pictures are all pretty big so should expand out]

Well Adam and I had talked about this match up on the trip down to Wellington and had agreed that each of us would get at least one game in against Pete the TO for the event and Mr Skaven NZ. But getting him first up was a shocker and I think Pete enjoyed my expression when called out the draw. Once again his Clan Dunn horde included the usual bells and whistles with Gutter Runners, Clan Rats, Plague Monks, Screaming Bell and Hell Pit Abomination.

The Scenario was essentially battleline but with me defending a Dwarf Brewery which Pete had to destroy to gain additional VP. I also had to set up my entire first giving Pete a substantial tactical advantage. Unfortunately I wasnt really sure how to best deploy and the result was Ok but not the most effective set up I could have gone with.

My deployment - the Brewery was represented by the small column between the Organ Gun and Warriors behind it. Miners went underground and the Rangers deployed on the building on the right flank with the intent of flanking the Skaven army after the Hell Pit is killed by the Cannon.

Damn Gutter Runners are really annoying and my deployment had to cater for them and try to minimise their ability take out my Warmachines. Unfortunately I stuffed up and didnt deploy well enough to prevent them from getting into a good shooting position.
Turn 1 and the Skaven horde advances and Skaven magic takes effect. The 13th spell goes off killing 6 Hammerers but the resulting miscast results in a Dimensional Cascade (even after the Earthing Rod is used) and kills around 20 Skaven.

At this stage Im thinking sweet great start, then the Gutter Runners run in and kill the Cannon crew removing my anti-Hell Pit weapon. 11 more Hammerers are also killed by a Doom Rocket and the Warp Lightning Cannon and suddenly they are down to less than half strength.

Aftermath of the first Turn Hammerers reduced by more than half and Warriors forced to move up to plug the gap in the line. Dwarf shooting did some damage in return though culling the Skaven BSB's unit in half and scoring 3 wounds on the Hell Pit.
Quarrellers hurriedly reform to prevent the Gutter Runners taking out anymore Warmachines. I also moved the Rangers out of the building and into the flank of the Skaven army with the intent of charging them in. With the Cannon gone I really had no choice as I had to delay its advance toward the Brewery. The Organ Gun and Stone Thrower continue to concentrate on the Skaven BSB's unit but cant finish off. And in Turn 2 the Greyseer miscasts again - this would be a constant pattern throughout the weekend as 4/5 of my opponents suffered miscasts trying to overcome my superior number of DD.

The Skaven army closes in on the Brewery while the Hell Pit stays behind to finish of the Rangers. Turn 3 doesnt go well for me as the Stone Thrower misfires and blows up and my BSB and Hammerers get charged by the Screaming Bell.

Disaster the Hammerers are all dead and the Warriors who charged the Bell in support cant attack it as the Greyseer is locked in a challenge with my BSB. It was only in Game 5 that I remembered that I didnt have to accept such challenges and could have moved to the back. If I had then all of those GW attacks could have gone on the Greyseer and the Bell rather than being wasted. Luckily the Bell misfired but even this couldnt help me much. The Skaven BSB's unit also kept running around avoiding being killed as the Organ Gun followed the Stone Throwers lead and blew up rather than shot at them.

Quarrellers attempt to do something other than reform and charge into some Slaves. Somehow they get through a few rounds of combat before being wiped out.
Miners arrive in time to charge the Gutter Runners attempting to destroy the Brewery.
Ah crap!!! The Rangers are all wiped out by the Hell Pit although the manage to get it down to a couple of wounds and it charges in against the Miners who have moved forward after seeing off the Gutter Runners.
The Miners are wiped out and Skaven infantry flank charges the Warriors who are thats left of my army. That damn challenge causes me no end of headaches as my BSB cant kill the damn Greyseer and this effectively neuters a 30 strong unit of Warriors for 3 Turns.

End Result I got Dunned well and truly. Learnt the hard way that its sometimes better to refuse a challenge and that my warmachines should have gone behind my infantry where the Gutter Runners couldnt touch them, and they could still shoot. 2nd match up vs. Pete 2nd massacre but this time round I do believe I could have swung the result my way. Ill get him next time...

... this battle and a later one against his Son have re-ignited my passion for Dwarf fluff though and will form the background of a new chapter for my other blog KarakThorinkin namely the Invasion of Skaven Clan Dunn.

August 23, 2011

Dwarfs in 8th Edition: Results so far

Just over 12 months ago I posted about how much better Dwarfs would be in 8th Edition (read original post here) After 12 months of gaming under the 8th Edition rule set including one recently completed tournament I have to say I was right Dwarfs are much better, much, much better in fact. So what’s happened so far:

Everyone’s Dead?!?
8th Edition is brutal, incredibly brutal. I've only played a couple of dozen games under 8th rules but in every single one - and in all the ones I have watched - at least one army is completely wiped out and the other nearly so. Whereas you could play a game of 7th and often only have 1-2 units on each side die, in 8th everyone dies. Yes this does mean that my entire army gets wiped out as well, but there are very few instances in which I haven’t done the same to my opponent.

Great Weapons are Gold
The army list I took to Call to Arms/Karak Eight Peaks over the weekend is pretty much my set in stone 2400pt list.

While other Dwarf players filled their list with characters and small units, me I stuck with big blocks of infantry in this case 3 blocks of 30 and one of 20. Why? Because I like close combat, I love throwing dice and because it’s what Dwarfs are supposed to do. But more importantly because it works. Step Up gives me, barring some horrible disaster, 13 attacks every round at S5 or S6 (I field my units 6 wide 5 deep). Against Skaven & Orcs this weekend that was deadly. I would often lose 5-6 guys in each round of combat (T4 being enough to save them most times) while routinely killing twice that number.

Whereas in 7th people loved charging Dwarfs as they could kill our front rank, deny us attacks, and keep doing it round after round till we were dead. In 8th it’s not that simple. Now I found that opponents move away from combat and spend time either trying to set up multiple charges or flanks on my units.

The only exception is when they use the big uber monster or character mount. Then as always Dwarfs are in trouble if the warmachines havent killed the thing first.

The Magic Phase
I was worried about the new spells that came through in 8th, but learned from playing High Elves that magic has not been overpowered. Unlike 7th were it was often used as hammer to bludgeon opponents in 8th IMHO it is more subtle and far more tactical.

For a Dwarf our runic combos also mean it is harder than ever for opponents to use it against us. A Runelord with Master Rune of Balance adds +3 DD to every phase. There are only 3 dice rolls that an opponent can make that will result in him/her getting more PD than a Dwarf has DD. Those rolls are 6/6 = 9 DD for me, 11PD for them; 6/5 = 9 DD for me, 10 PD for them; 5/5 = 8 DD for me and 9 PD for them. In every other instance a Dwarf player running a standard list will have more DD than the enemy has PD.

This weekend at Call to Arms there were only 3 magic phases in which my opponent rolled one of those 3 combos. The only times they were able to score more PD outside of this was through the aid of warp stones and mushrooms. What this meant is every opponent had to risk 6 dice throws to get the IF they needed to avoid my dispelling. End result, in all 5 games I played over the weekend all of my opponents suffered a miscast, some more than one.

Add in 1-2 RO Spellbreaking and a Dwarf General is sitting pretty. But the dreaded 13th spell will still get through on occasions.

Movement & charge rule changes
The rule changes here mean Dwarfs are now a serious threat tactically to any army on the board. The 2D6 charge range means I can even get charges off in Turn 1 with my Rangers, a tactic I used successfully in two games at Karak Eight Peaks. The charge rules also give Dwarfs far more options in terms of how they use their troops and make it extremely difficult for enemy generals to hide vulnerable units. I have noticed a distinct change in how people deploy against Dwarfs now with a greater emphasis on concentration of force, rather than spread out with the intent of enveloping me.

These haven’t changed much but the changes I absolutely love are those to the Cannon and Stone Thrower. No more guess ranges and D6 wounds make the Cannon unbelievably effective - I learnt this weekend that simply placing the initial bounce marker 4" in front of your target pretty much guarantees a hit. Especially when the Rune of Forging is used - which lets face it should be mandatory.

Stone Throwers being able to fire indirect has also been awesome under 8th and the weapon has worked wonders for me

Another nasty trick is that against armies whose infantry are larger than Dwarfs you do not need to station your warmachines out front to shoot them. Not needing to roll on BS to hit they can go behind your shorter infantry and still draw LOS to targets in front over the heads of their own troops. An Organ Gun deployed alongside Dwarf Warriors is useful but vulnerable. Deployed behind where it can still shoot its deadly and nearly untouchable unless the enemy has scouts.

Again these changes force enemy generals to change their game plan against Dwarfs

My 8th Edition Dwarf army list
This is what I took to Call to Arms last weekend. It works and works well, the only change I might make would be to swap the Gyrocopter in for the Stone Thrower but that’s it. This is, as I said earlier, my set in stone list tournament list and I can see myself taking this to every WHFB tournament I attend next year.

w. MR Balance, RO Spellbreaking, RO Resistance, RO Stone, RO Furnace, Shield

w. RO Fire, MR Gromil, RO Resistance, RO Preservation, RO Furnace

Warrior Rangers x30
w. Full Command, GW

Warriors x30
w. Full Command, GW

Quarrellers x16
w. Shields, Musician

Hammerers x30
w. Full Command, RO Battle

Miners x20
w. Full Command

Stone Thrower
w. Engineer, Brace of Pistols, RO Accuracy, RO Penetratingx2

w. Engineer, Brace of Pistols, RO Forging, RO Burning

Organ Gun

TOTAL 2,400 exactly

How the list has changed since 7th
In 7th army list building for Dwarfs was more about denying phases to the enemy and nullifying our inherent weaknesses. Of the four phases - movement, magic, shooting and combat there was only one we could realistically win - shooting. But doing so would leave us vulnerable in the other three. A gunline would work but only until Turn 2 when it would lose in combat. A combat army worked but would have to sacrifice anti-magic and would always be out maneuvured. Strong anti-magic defense was costly meaning your other phases were weak. The only improvements possible to movement - Gyrocopter, Anvil, Miners, Strollaz required you to weaken other phases.

Hence a 7th Ed Dwarf army list was based on compromise, the inability to dominate a phase effectively without losing the others badly, and the need to be:

Anti-magic - RO Spellbreaking, items that granted MR etc
Anti-fear - RO Courage, Dwarf Lord w. Shield bearers, RO Determination
Anti-shooting - MR Grungi, Shields
Anti-movement - More shooting & smaller units to deflect chargers

My standard army was therefore smaller in terms of unit sizes, had 3-4 characters rather than 2, and took more units. Smaller units of Warriors and Quarrellers were needed to deflect and redirect charges. GW were never used, except on Hammerers, because I expected my front ranks to die and I needed to prevent that to have chance of surviving combat. I also had to cater for the ability of 30pt enemy units to capture table quarters. To combat this I need shooting to take them out. I also expected to be charged by Turn 2.

The basic change in my thinking and army building can be summed up like this:

Johns 7th Ed Dwarfs
focused on negation and avoidance. Negate enemy magic, negate their fast cav and small units, and avoid combat until shooting has done damage and hope that I can eek out a draw, or blood the enemy badly enough to get a slight win. Somehow I managed a couple of 20-0 at the odd tournament but largely a 10-10 draw was seen as a victory for a Dwarf.

Johns 8th Ed Dwarfs
Focused on combat first and combat last. Big blcoks of infantry all with GW whose sole intent is to get into combat as fast as possible. Whereas a 10-10 result was the aim in 7th in 8th I want that 20-0 and the rule changes mean I can get it.

Shooting is there but it’s a side issue and only dominates strategy when facing something like a Hell Pit Abomination. Random movement also means I am more aggressive and more willing to commit to battle, and both more able and more willing to seize the initiative e.g., by charging Rangers in the first turn.

Overall 8th Edition is fantastic absolutely love it!!!!!!!!

August 22, 2011

Back from Call to Arms 2011 some random pics

Returned from probably my last Warhammer tournament of the year last night - the Karak Eight Peaks themed campaign tournament courtesy of Pete Dunn. Was a fantastic event the final 3-way Battle Royale at the end a definate highlight. My Dwarfs faired pretty well 2 wins and 2 losses in the first 4 games and then 2nd in the last game - where victory could have been mine had the dreaded 13th spell not caught my Hammerers and General giving the Skaven a 1200pt turnaround (455 for unit, 230 for Runelord, 100 for general and 500 bonus VP for killing General as per scenario rules). Up until that point I was a good 2-300VP clear of the Skaven. But thats the way the Dice Gods roll sometimes.

[Pictures all pretty large and should expand out]

Sam's O&G army from our campaign tournament. Full of conversions and all beautifully painted. Won best army in our section.

I have around 250 photos to sort through before I can start writing up the battle reports but I will get these up over this week. Going to start adding more stuff to my other Dwarf blog using this campaign and recent games as the starting point. So expect LOTS OF STUFF over next week or so.

In the interim here are some random shots of the rest of the weekends gaming events which included: 40k, LW-FOW, Napleonics, DBM, Dystopian Wars, Warmachine, Fields of Glory and a few random demo games here and there.


Warmachine - Protectorate of Menoth

Dystopian Wars

Basils Roman Dwarfs - he played in the campaign tournament as well

Ellens Blood Angels Company - shes one of my clubs 40K players and this was my favourite army out of the entire tournament.
Other great news of the weekend was the Manawatu Turbos crushing win over Waikato 54-20 pity the All Blacks couldnt do the same in South Africa.