August 10, 2011

Alternate fantasy skirmish rules & new FOW army

Having my first go at a new rule set this Thursday at the club. Ganesha Games 'Song of Blades and Heroes'. Its a fantasy skirmish system with a remarkably simple but effective and interesting set of rules. They have also adapted the same rule set to Napoleonics, Sci-Fi and a range of other genres.
Best of all the game is designed to be played with either 15, 25 or 28mm figures the only thing that changes between each scale is movement and shooting ranges. So I can use my existing WHFB collections. You can check out the game info here

After FRACAS last weekend I've also decided that my 2nd FOW army will be German. Principally as I am not interested in playing any other nation. The only exception would be the New Zealanders out of Monte Cassino source book, but here I would have to use British vehicles which I really dont like.

That and starting a 2nd German army means I can chop and change models between it and my Fallschirmjager.

Have started process already by ordering a set of the Plastic Soldier Company's Panzer IV's off Maelstrom, only cost $27 for set of 5 tanks at the current exchange rate. Reviews I have read suggest that they are an excellent alternative. Buying these so I can start a Panzer, Grenadier or Gepanzerte Panzergrenadier Company. Each would rely on pretty much the same stuff and with the alternatives offered by Plastic Solider and Forged in Battle the process should be pretty cheap.

Next up for purchase - going to take it slowly and spread it out over next 8-12 months, will be:
  • NW41 Rocket Launchers (2 sets of 3)
  • Plastic Solider 15mm German Infantry (NZ$30 for set of 100)
  • Forged in Battle SdKfz 251/1 (NZ$30 for set of 4)
  • FJ 10.5cm Artillery Battery
The NW41's I can add to my Fallschirm and use across the Panzer/Grenadier forces. The Plastic Soldier figures allow me to base up Grenadier infantry. PzGrenadiers can be safely made by adding the FiB half-tracks to the PSC infantry. Not exactly Battlefront accurate but good enough and more importantly cheap as chips.

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