August 22, 2011

Back from Call to Arms 2011 some random pics

Returned from probably my last Warhammer tournament of the year last night - the Karak Eight Peaks themed campaign tournament courtesy of Pete Dunn. Was a fantastic event the final 3-way Battle Royale at the end a definate highlight. My Dwarfs faired pretty well 2 wins and 2 losses in the first 4 games and then 2nd in the last game - where victory could have been mine had the dreaded 13th spell not caught my Hammerers and General giving the Skaven a 1200pt turnaround (455 for unit, 230 for Runelord, 100 for general and 500 bonus VP for killing General as per scenario rules). Up until that point I was a good 2-300VP clear of the Skaven. But thats the way the Dice Gods roll sometimes.

[Pictures all pretty large and should expand out]

Sam's O&G army from our campaign tournament. Full of conversions and all beautifully painted. Won best army in our section.

I have around 250 photos to sort through before I can start writing up the battle reports but I will get these up over this week. Going to start adding more stuff to my other Dwarf blog using this campaign and recent games as the starting point. So expect LOTS OF STUFF over next week or so.

In the interim here are some random shots of the rest of the weekends gaming events which included: 40k, LW-FOW, Napleonics, DBM, Dystopian Wars, Warmachine, Fields of Glory and a few random demo games here and there.


Warmachine - Protectorate of Menoth

Dystopian Wars

Basils Roman Dwarfs - he played in the campaign tournament as well

Ellens Blood Angels Company - shes one of my clubs 40K players and this was my favourite army out of the entire tournament.
Other great news of the weekend was the Manawatu Turbos crushing win over Waikato 54-20 pity the All Blacks couldnt do the same in South Africa.

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