August 26, 2011

Battle Report - Dwarfs vs. Warriors of Chaos 2400pts

Friendly match up vs. Caleb at the club last night. I took my Dwarf list from Karak Eight Peaks but modified it by dropping 10 Miners, their command and a RO Furnace on the Runelord so I could include the Gyrocopter. Calebs Warriors of Chaos list comprised:

Mage L4
- Tzentch, Enchanted Shield, Talisman of Preservation, Infernal Puppet, Word of Agony
- Tzentch, Biting Blade, Dragon Helm, Talsiman of Endurance, Shield, Ironcurse Icon, Stream of Corruption
18 x Chaos Warriors of Tzentch
- Command, Shields, Gleaming Pennant
20 x Chaos Warriors of Khorne
- Command, Extra Hand Weapon
20 x Chaos Warriors of Khorne
- Command, Extra Hand Weapon
5 x Marauder Horsemen of Khorne
- Flails, Musician
5 x Maruader Horsemen of Khorne
- Flails, Musician
5 x Chaos Knights
- Musician
5 x Chaos Knights
- Musician
5 x Warhounds
5 x Warhounds

We ended up playing Blood and Glory with the extra large deployment zone and army Fortitude rules (which we promptly forgot about), Caleb choosing sides and winning first turn.

Deployment (except for the Rangers who down on far right in front of a unit of Chaos Knights). My army well forward, warmachines behind his Warriors all grouped, cavalry on the flanks. Rocks were considered passable only if you could move over them in one go, and they could not be pursued through. The small forest in the middle, the only one anyone contacted, was a Fungus Forest causing Stupidity.
Gyrocopter watches the deploying Chaos Army - it would soon fly in and try to take out the advancing fast cavalry. Problem is I shot it in the wrong order. Quarrellers were supposed to take out the Warhounds and then leave the Marauders to the Gyro. I did it the other way round, meaning the Quarrellers had to shoot the Marauders at long range.
Turn 2 and the charges begin. The Stone-thrower which missed once the entire game has already taken out half of one of the Khorne blocks but the rest come crashing in. The Gyrocopter has fled from the charge of the Marauders, when in hindsight I should have let it take the charge - it might have done some damage. Hammerers were now facing 36 attacks a round from the Warriors of Chaos, and another handful from the Tzentch Mage and BSB.

Chaos Knights on the flank charge the Rangers who had tryed to charge - Scouts being allowed to do so in the first turn, if you did not move first - and failed. I fully expected the Rangers to decimate the Knights but they didnt because (a) they fluffed their rolls and (b) the Knights 1+ AS even when reduced to a 3+ because of the S5 attacks saved them. End result I had to make a Stubborn roll to stay in combat.
Disaster testing on L9 the Rangers fail, flee and are chased down. The entire unit wiped out in Turn 2 without killing a single Chaos Knight. My flank is now wide open and the Chaos Knights are unfortunately just out of Organ Gun range.

The central combat somehow continues and the Hammerers valiantly hold on as the Miners charge in to provide support. Meanwhile the other Warrior block has had to chase off a unit of Warhounds whose positioning prevented them from getting into combat earlier. The Chao Warriors of Tzentch are proving impossible to kill, but the Khorne block is getting seriously whittled down. But vs. 4 attacks from each of the front rank models I am struggling.

Marauders now join the melee adding to the confusion in the middle as my BSB is drawn into a challenge where neither he nor the Tzentch General can wound each-other.

Chaos Knights on the flank charge the Cannon. Shooting from the Warmachines has done well so far. The Organ Gun even though behind my infantry still has LOS to the taller Chaos Warriors and has taken down the 2nd Khorne Block. The Cannon however misfires but manages not to blow itself up. Chaos magic up to this point has been ineffective and Caleb abandons it for the remainder of the game.
The Miners are wiped out and the Marauders overrun while the 2nd Warrior block finally gets into combat wiping out most of the 2nd Khorne Block. The Hammerers though are getting seriously depleted and still cant kill the Tzeentch Warriors.

Disaster the Hammerers are all killed and the BSB flees and is cut down. The 8 remaining Warriors of Khorne then swing right aiming for the Quarrellers. At the same time the Chaos Knights on the right have overrun the Cannon and charged the Stone Thrower. The Engineer fires his pistols and kills 2, yes 2, Knights and the rest then fail their charge. The Marauders meanwhile go for the Organ Gun, and the Quarrellers have been charged by the 2nd Chaos Knight unit who are surprised when the Quarrellers turn out to be the uber-killer unit of the day.

In the background my remaining block of Warriors wipes out the Chaos Warriors of Khorne and turns to face the unkillable Warriors of Tzeentch. AH HA take that - a stand and shoot reaction from the Quarrellers kills 1 Chaos Knight, and they then kill 2 more in combat forcing the remaining Knight to flee. The Quarrellers give chase but are unable to catch him, but unable to rally he runs off the board.

However, by this stage things are well and truly over for me. The Warriors have been comprehensively wiped out by the Chaos Warriors of Tzentch, and the Organ Gun has gone down to the Marauders. My only success in this Turn other than the Quarrellers seeing off the Chaos Knights was more great shooting from the Stone Thrower. It scores a direct hit on the remaining Chaos Knights unit killing 2 of them, and then in the next turn lands on top of the Warriors of Khorne reducing them to one model.
That sole surviving Khorne Warrior charges the Quarrellers and is cut down in combat, the Quarrellers reform to face the Stone Thrower ready for Turn 6 which begins with the Marauders and remaining Chaos Knight charging the Stone Thrower.

Amazingly the Artillery crew hang on long enough for the Quarrellers to flank charge the Marauders at the end of Turn 6. The Stone Thrower crew is wiped out as are the Marauders and the game ends. Both armies have been decimated. Chaos have lost both big blocks of Khorne Warriors, nearly 2 complete units of Chaos Knights, their Warhounds and both blocks of Marauders. My Dwarfs on the other hand have suffered far worse and once we remembered the Fortitude scenario rules it was pretty clear that Caleb was the winner either way.

To give you an idea of the carnage this was the pile of dead models at the beginning of Turn 6


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