August 19, 2011

Battle Report - Dwarves vs. Skaven @ 2400pts

In the year 2610 dark clouds were once again gathering over the Dwarfs of Karak Thorinkin. Orc & Goblin incursions were increasing and had only been beaten back with heavy losses. In the latest battle a large force of Savage Orcs and their Black Orc masters had been annihilated by the holds army (Read Battle Report). But the victory had cost hundreds of Dwarven lives as well as that of its general Runelord Thirak Grazgdukr. Precious few warriors were now left to defend the hold and its lands both above and below ground. Fewer still Runelords were left to protect the holds lore, history and to provide the runic power needed to protect their lands.

Returning from that last battle against the green scum the tattered remnants of that army now struggled home through weather turning increasingly cold and toward the refuge of the fortress of Kazad Thrombidal. Guarding the southern flank of the holds lands the fortress occupied a rocky outcrop at the end of a deep steep sided mountain pass. The march was conducted in haste though as Gyrocopters from the hold had brought news to the army that Skaven had breached the lower tunnels of the fortress.

Map of the inner lands of the Karak Thorinkin located in the mountain range known as "The Vaults"

This haste would now prove the armies undoing. Advancing up the steep sided heavily wooded floor of the mountain pass the army was ambushed. Warmachine crew bringing up the rear of the marching column shouted warnings as Skaven skirmishers leapt from cover and begun shooting them down. Small swift footed rats armed with Slings began running through and attacking the artillery train and soon dozens of Dwarfs were dead or wounded. The main bulk of the army could do nothing though as up ahead low lying mist cleared to reveal a horde or Rats spread across the entire width of the pass. Towering over them was the dreaded form of a Hell Pit Abomination the eyes in its many heads gleaming with red fury and blood lust.

The army's line up between the black imposing walls of the mountain pass
(Please excuse the dodgy additions to the photo)

Deploying with what little time they had the Dwarven army had no choice but to march straight at the Skaven horde - the warmachines in the rear would have to be left to fend for themselves - the army had to get through to Kazad Thrombidal. Those warmachines that were untouched by the Skaven skirmishers drew line of sight on the dread Abomination and prepared to fire. But at that moment a green red storm cloud filled with lightning flashes and thunder descended over the army. Warmachines refused to fire, Crossbow strings snapped and Organ Guns misfired and exploded as the Storms violence crashed over the Dwarven army.
The Skaven horde advances

As the Skaven and Dwarf armies advanced closer toward each-other the Storm abated as quickly as it had formed. Stone-throwers began lobbing rocks onto the massed ranks of Skaven troops. Quarrellers peppered an advancing unit of Rat Ogres taking down several of the fell beasts. But the Cannons - the only machines capable of killing the Abomination were silenced - Skaven Slings killing the last of the crews and allowing the monster to advance unmolested.
The first melee combats were joined as Rat Ogres crashed into the Dwarven Quarrellers. Defensive fire did no damage and the Rat Ogres and supporting units tore the Dwarfs apart. Miners enacted some revenge charging the flank of the Ogres, killing most and sending the rest fleeing. But they too were cut down when more Rats and a vile lightning sheathed Doomwheel tore through their ranks.
Rat Ogres and rat pack charge the Quarrellers. The rat pack pursued through them while the Ogres are stopped by the impassable terrain. Miners would then charge their flank wiping them out.

In the centre the Dwarven armies Battle Standard Bearer, bravely ordered his accompanying Hammerers to charge the Hell Pit Abomination. His flaming weapon set fire to the beasts flesh while the Hammerers weapons chopped great hunks from its bones. But it was not enough, the demon continued to live, and its multiple heads soon feed on scores of Dwarves.

Hammerers charge the Hell Pit

Combat expanded as more Skaven charged into the Hammerers ranks and Dwarven Warriors made charges of their own. Surrounded the Hammerers fought on bravely but their weapons made little impression on the Abomination. Charged in the flank by the Skaven General the Hammerers, the Dwarven Battle Standard Bearer and General were all cut down. A regiment of Dwarven Warriors readied itself to charge to the Hammerers aid but was prevented as Skaven emerged from tunnels beneath their feet and charged their rear ranks.
Skaven flank charge the Hammerers, and tunnellers rear charge the Warriors stopping them from advancing to help the Hammerers

Locked in combat with this new threat the Warriors could only watch as the Hammerers were cut down. Rangers meanwhile cut a swath through a swarm of smaller rats and then began methodically chopping apart Skaven Slaves. While brave their actions were also foolish the leader of the unit failing to move his troops in to support the stricken Hammerers.
The massive central melee - in the middle only 3 Hammerers are left out of unit of 30

The Hammerers, BSB and Runelord perish and the pursuing Skaven crash into the remaining Warrior regiments.

The destruction of the Hammerers left the Skaven general free to charge the Warriors who were still locked in combat with the tunnelling Skaven to their rear. The Dwarfs fought bravely but were cut down and soon only the regiment of Rangers was left alive in the mountain pass. They bravely charged the Skaven Generals unit, surrounded as they were on four sides.

Last roll of the dice as the sole remaining Dwarven unit trys to get some payback

Great Axes rose and fell with terrifying speed and scores of rats were cut down, the remainder fleeing the battlefield. Charging forward victoriously the Rangers attempted to reach the dreaded Abomination and extract some revenge.
Rangers pursue the Hell Pit after wiping out the Skaven BSBs unit

The Abomination obliged by charging them in return along with the tunnelling Skaven who had appeared earlier. This time the Abomination finally fell as Dwarven Axes caved in its multiple heads and ending its life. But the victory was short-lived as the remaining Skaven forces surrounded, charged and then annihilated the few remaining Dwarves. The army was destroyed, the pass open to the enemy and Kazad Thrombidal undefended... the Thorinkin were now in desperate trouble.


superscenic said...

Thrilling account. Awesome campaign, I feel for those poor dwarves.

Squeek Vermintide said...

Great report! Thanks for taking the time to write this up.

John M said...

Thanks guys much appreciated, always more enjoyable writing about Dwarfs