August 17, 2011

Fallschirmjager Heavy Mortar Platoon

Finally completed these guys the other night. Mortars are from the Forged in Battle Range while the figures are spare crew from the standard FJ Mortar Platoon - hence the lack of the standard poses and large mortar shells.

Unfortunately the models have a glossy look as the vagaries of GW Purity Seal meant I didnt get the normal dull coat. Normally wouldnt use Purity Seal but I've run out of Moana Vale so needs must and you do get a 50:50 chance of either a dull or shiny finish, just got unlucky this time.

No HQ or Observers for these guys yet Ill just use those from the normal Mortar Platoon when I field them. Also finished last gun from my FJ Artillery Platoon, and got word from Maelstrom that my Plastic Solider Company PzIVs are on there way.

Also getting very excited about rumoured new Dwarf book in May 2012. If all the new models and rule changes for Ogres and TK are anything to go by then Dwarfs are in for a huge shake up. Just as long as my Hammerers are still cool Im happy.

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