August 3, 2011

FOW Tournament Battle Report - Panzershrek X Game 3

Our last game of Day 1 up against the Stanton brothers Romanian Horde and I do mean Horde, they had I think 16 Platoons between them including a mass of cheap armour. Our paltry 8 Platoons seemed rather inadequate here particularly as the Delayed and Scattered reserves rules would have us outnumbered for much of the battle.

Can't remember the name of the scenario unfortunately. But we were defending and got to place two objectives down in our deployment zone while our opponents placed one. We then deployed all of our troops - with the exception of a single ambushing platoon - and they then took one objective away. End result we had two objectives on opposite ends of the board to defend and nearly all of our deployed forces positioned around just one of them.

The board looking from our side. Stars indicate the objectives. Each of the red outlined boxes show the random deployment zones. Having to wait till Turn 3 was really going to hurt so our only hope was to batter the Romanians with Artillery and keep them pinned down long enough for our reserves to come on.
Objective "Moo"
Romanian armour and infantry begin their advance enmass toward our lines. The expansive terrain gave them a lot of cover and also made it very difficult for our spotters to draw LOS and range in on them.
On the extreme left flank our forces consisted of the Tiger Companys commander and an ambushing Platoon of Pak 40s. Against them was arrayed a sea of Romanian armour of infantry. Our right flank was better off with a full strength FJ Platoon with PF and 3 accompanying PS dug in among the Church and local village. They were supported by our Artillery and one Tiger Platoon. Unfortunately the Tigers were not in position to advance on the Romanian objective as terrain afforded their AT units too many advantages.

Romanian armour begins the advance and our Paks draw first blood. The artillery ranges in on and pins down the Romanian infantry halting it in its tracks, but the enemy Armour keeps on trucking. Turn 3 comes and we get no reserves while the Romanians gain one platoon. This pattern would continue for the next 3 turns with the Romanians gaining reserves in a steady stream while ours remained stubbornly off the board.

Romanian infantry gets pinned down by Artillery fire as the Paks and lone Tiger try to take out the Romanian armour. Unfortunately the terrain made it extremely difficult to hit them, particularly at long range and we scored very few successes.
Romanian infantry reaches Objective Moo and begins the assault. Outnumbered we surprisingly throw back the assault. We have only one turn though for our reserves to come on, and then they have to roll right to come on in the right spot, or we are going to be swamped.
Romanian light tanks support their infantry by swinging in behind the Pak 40s. Shooting at close range the Paks had a perfect opportunity to take out the enemy armour before they got in behind, but they miss.
Overrunning the Paks, the Romanian armour supported by more infantry guard the objective and wait for our reserves to come on. We have to get them on in this turn or we are toast. Luckily we roll a 5+ and a FJ Platoon comes on the board and assaults the Romanian Armour. But the assault fails and our infantry is pushed back more than 4" from the objective and the game ends with a Romanian victory.

Overall, an enjoyable game but one in which our small number of active Platoons really hurt.

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