August 24, 2011

Tournament Report - Dwarves vs Skaven

Call to Arms 2011: Karak Eight Peaks WHFB Campaign Tournament
Game 1 vs. Pete Dunn
Scenario: Seek & Destory from WD March 11

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Well Adam and I had talked about this match up on the trip down to Wellington and had agreed that each of us would get at least one game in against Pete the TO for the event and Mr Skaven NZ. But getting him first up was a shocker and I think Pete enjoyed my expression when called out the draw. Once again his Clan Dunn horde included the usual bells and whistles with Gutter Runners, Clan Rats, Plague Monks, Screaming Bell and Hell Pit Abomination.

The Scenario was essentially battleline but with me defending a Dwarf Brewery which Pete had to destroy to gain additional VP. I also had to set up my entire first giving Pete a substantial tactical advantage. Unfortunately I wasnt really sure how to best deploy and the result was Ok but not the most effective set up I could have gone with.

My deployment - the Brewery was represented by the small column between the Organ Gun and Warriors behind it. Miners went underground and the Rangers deployed on the building on the right flank with the intent of flanking the Skaven army after the Hell Pit is killed by the Cannon.

Damn Gutter Runners are really annoying and my deployment had to cater for them and try to minimise their ability take out my Warmachines. Unfortunately I stuffed up and didnt deploy well enough to prevent them from getting into a good shooting position.
Turn 1 and the Skaven horde advances and Skaven magic takes effect. The 13th spell goes off killing 6 Hammerers but the resulting miscast results in a Dimensional Cascade (even after the Earthing Rod is used) and kills around 20 Skaven.

At this stage Im thinking sweet great start, then the Gutter Runners run in and kill the Cannon crew removing my anti-Hell Pit weapon. 11 more Hammerers are also killed by a Doom Rocket and the Warp Lightning Cannon and suddenly they are down to less than half strength.

Aftermath of the first Turn Hammerers reduced by more than half and Warriors forced to move up to plug the gap in the line. Dwarf shooting did some damage in return though culling the Skaven BSB's unit in half and scoring 3 wounds on the Hell Pit.
Quarrellers hurriedly reform to prevent the Gutter Runners taking out anymore Warmachines. I also moved the Rangers out of the building and into the flank of the Skaven army with the intent of charging them in. With the Cannon gone I really had no choice as I had to delay its advance toward the Brewery. The Organ Gun and Stone Thrower continue to concentrate on the Skaven BSB's unit but cant finish off. And in Turn 2 the Greyseer miscasts again - this would be a constant pattern throughout the weekend as 4/5 of my opponents suffered miscasts trying to overcome my superior number of DD.

The Skaven army closes in on the Brewery while the Hell Pit stays behind to finish of the Rangers. Turn 3 doesnt go well for me as the Stone Thrower misfires and blows up and my BSB and Hammerers get charged by the Screaming Bell.

Disaster the Hammerers are all dead and the Warriors who charged the Bell in support cant attack it as the Greyseer is locked in a challenge with my BSB. It was only in Game 5 that I remembered that I didnt have to accept such challenges and could have moved to the back. If I had then all of those GW attacks could have gone on the Greyseer and the Bell rather than being wasted. Luckily the Bell misfired but even this couldnt help me much. The Skaven BSB's unit also kept running around avoiding being killed as the Organ Gun followed the Stone Throwers lead and blew up rather than shot at them.

Quarrellers attempt to do something other than reform and charge into some Slaves. Somehow they get through a few rounds of combat before being wiped out.
Miners arrive in time to charge the Gutter Runners attempting to destroy the Brewery.
Ah crap!!! The Rangers are all wiped out by the Hell Pit although the manage to get it down to a couple of wounds and it charges in against the Miners who have moved forward after seeing off the Gutter Runners.
The Miners are wiped out and Skaven infantry flank charges the Warriors who are thats left of my army. That damn challenge causes me no end of headaches as my BSB cant kill the damn Greyseer and this effectively neuters a 30 strong unit of Warriors for 3 Turns.

End Result I got Dunned well and truly. Learnt the hard way that its sometimes better to refuse a challenge and that my warmachines should have gone behind my infantry where the Gutter Runners couldnt touch them, and they could still shoot. 2nd match up vs. Pete 2nd massacre but this time round I do believe I could have swung the result my way. Ill get him next time...

... this battle and a later one against his Son have re-ignited my passion for Dwarf fluff though and will form the background of a new chapter for my other blog KarakThorinkin namely the Invasion of Skaven Clan Dunn.

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