August 16, 2011

Warhammer in the snow

Heading off to Wellington for my next Warhammer tournament - Call to Arms - this weekend. Despite being an indoor sport the weather is going to play a big part. Pretty big news in New Zealand this week is the cold weather we have been experiencing that has covered the country in snow.

I was teaching yesterday afternoon walked into class at 3pm weather was fine, walked out at 5pm (no windows in room) to find this...

Lived in this city for most of my 38 years and its never snowed here before, felt sorry for our international students most of whom come from much warmer climates than this. Its not much when compared to snowfall in Northern Europe or my sister in laws place is Saskatoon but for us it was pretty cool. Family in Christchurch which is still rebuilding after earthquake got a foot of the stuff.

My kids loved it though, got greeted with a snowball to the face when I got home courtesy of my daughter.

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FBroundup said...

Good luck at the tournament, and with the snow :-)