September 30, 2011

PSC 15mm Panzer IV Platoon complete

Finished the last of these guys on Wednesday night.  Redid the brown camo on the first three with a duller shade (German Med Brown) which looks better than the darker GW Scorched Brown I had used earlier.  Probably too much camo on the last couple of tanks, but overall Im pretty happy with them.

Next step is to attach them to some large bases and then look at options for camo netting or foliage. Will use either Silflor foliage or some old bandages as netting.  Would also like to stick aerials on them but am not sure how, still trawling the net looking for ideas.

September 29, 2011

Plastic Solider Company New Releases & Review

It seems that the Plastic Solider Company is starting to crank up development and production of its quality range of 15mm WWII miniatures.  Their T34 kits were a big hit among FOW gamers and I recently ordered my 2nd box set of their excellent PzIV's (5 for NZ$29).  The latest additions to the range are Sd Kfz 251/1C's and 251/1D's again in sets of 5 and at the same price as the other models in their range.

The PSC Sd Kfz 251/1C kit

The Plastic Solider Company range is excellent value and for German FOW players they now provide some serious consideration if you are looking to build a Panzer or Gepanzerte Panzer Grenadier company.  Having assembled one set of the PSC Panzer IVs I can atest to their quality (you can see some my completed PzIVs here)
2 Boxed sets of PzIV costs NZ$60-65 (depending on exchange rate) and gives you enough tanks for a CHQ and two 4 vehicle Platoons.   Purchase 2 more boxed sets of Sd Kfz's at the same price and thats enough vehicles for the same set up - a CHQ & two 3 Squad Platoons.  Couple these with their German Infantry set which gives you 125 figures (10 Officers/NCO's, 90 infantry, 15 LMGs) at NZ$32 then you can build a basic company for as little as NZ$120-150. 

PSC Sd Kfz 251/1D

However, while the vehicles are better value and just as good (if not better) reading the reviews and checking out the pics leads me to believe that the BF Infantry looks better, and is more accurate.  So to be cheeky what I might do is order a couple of box sets of the PSC half-tracks and use my BF Fallschirmjager as PzGrenadiers.

You can find some excellent reviews of the PSC range, and comparisons with the Battlefront miniature range at the following links:
If you want to purchase some of this range then I would recommend:

September 27, 2011

MW Fallschirmjager @ 1500pts

Playing Josh at the club on Thursday - probably one of my last games before cricket starts - 1500pts Mid War.  Going to take the following list from the North Africa source book
CHQ - Panzerknacker x2 - 65pts
FJ Platoon - Panzerknacker + 3 Squads - 270pts
FJ Platoon - Panzerknacker + 3 Squads - 270pts
FJ Pioneers - SMG + 3 Squads + Supply Truck - 370pts
FJ Light Gun Platoon - Panzerknacker + 2 x LG40 - 70pts
FJ Mortar Platoon - Panzerknacker + 2 sections w. 4 x GW42 - 125pts
FJ Tank Hunter Platoon - 4 x Marder III (proxied by my StuGs) - 325pts

TOTAL 1,495pts w. 6 Platoons

Three platoons of FV infantry with defensive options gives me a solid defensive base.  Light Guns add some decent close in AT protection - dug in, concealed and gone to ground Josh will have to come within their range to hit them.  Smoke from the Mortars will help force him to do this and the Marders add some reasonable long range firepower.

Was hoping he'd go for a LW game so I could take my Panzer IVHs but maybe next week if I can wangle another game. 

September 23, 2011

Next FOW Company - Panzer Lehr & more Fallschirm

Have finally settled on my next FOW company.  Having already purchased a PzGr & a PzIV Platoon it was going to be one of those two and the Panzer Lehr options in 'Earth & Steel' are just awesome.  Couple of options to go with, all of which require minimal additional purchases as I can make use of existing FJ units to fill out each company. 

Panzer Lehr

CHQ - 2 x PzIV
Combat Platoon - 4 x PzIV
Combat Platoon - 3 x Panther A
Aufklarungs Lehr Platoon - PF + 3 Squads
Panzerspah Platoon - 1 x Sd Kfz 250, 2 x Sd Kfz 250/9
Rocket Launchers - 4 x 15cm NW41
AA Platoon - 2 x Sd Kfz 7/2 w. Armour upgrade

All I need to complete these lists area Platoon of Panthers, another PzGr Platoon and the Rocket Launchers & AA Tracks both of which I can also use with FE FJ.

PanzerGrenadier Lehr

CHQ - PF x2
Combat Platoon - PF + 3 Squads
Combat Platoon - PF + 3 Squads
AT Platoon - 3 x Pak 40
Heavy Mortars - 4 x 12cm
Panther Platoon - 3 x Panther A
Rocket Launchers - 6 x 15cm NW41

Also been finalising my Fallschirmjager lists from Hells Highway.  The 3rd Division list is all complete with every unit assembled and painted.  I only need to buy a Platoon of Battlefront Jagdpanthers to finish off the 6th FJ Regt Company and i'm all done. 

Fallschirmjager 3rd FJ Division (Hells Highway) 1750pts

CHQ - 2 x PF, 2 x PS, 1 x Mortar
Combat Platoon - PF + 3 Squads
Combat Platoon - PF + 3 Squads
Pioneer Platoon - PF + 3 Squads + Supply Truck
FJ AT Platoon - 3 x Pak 40
FJ Heavy Mortars - 4 x 12 cm
FJ Assault Guns - 4 x StuG
FJ Mortars - PF + 1 Section
Ersatz Platoon - 1 x Sd Kfz 250, 3 x Sd Kfz 250/9

TOTAL 1,745 - 8 Platoons

Fallschirmjager 6th FJ Regiment (Hells Highway) 1750pts

CHQ - 2 x PF, 2 x PS
Combat Platoon - PF + 3 Squads
Combat Platoon - PF + 3 Squads
Pioneer Platoon - PF + 2 Squads + Supply Truck
FJ AT Platoon - 2 x Pak 40
FJ Heavy Mortars - 4 x 12cm
Heavy Tank Hunter - 2 x Jagdpanther

TOTAL 1,740 - 6 Platoons

September 19, 2011

WIP - Panzer IV's & Sdkfz 251s

Nearly finished painting these guys last week just a few final details to complete like highlights on the tracks, the crews and misc pieces of equipment.  Colour scheme for the Tanks and the Half-tracks was completed using the following process:
  • Undercoat - GW Chaos Black
  • Basecoat - Tamiya Panzer Yellow (2 coats from spray can)
  • German Camo Dark Green (979
  • German Camo Medium Brown (826)
  • GW Sepia Wash
  • Luftwaffe Camo Green (826)
  • German Camo Medium Brown (826)
Tracks were simply GW Chaos Black with dry-brushed GW Codex Grey.  Ill redo these a this week with GW Adeptus Battlegrey to darken them up.  Tanks will also go onto bases like the half-tracks although theirs will be large rather than medium sized.

Also thought Id put in a picture of both units together so you can see how the fit.  Will be paint stripping my StuGs and repainting them in the same colour scheme.

Only problem is that I am not sure how to paint the inside of the half-tracks cant find any decent pictures to work from on the net.  Grenadier infantry are coming along nicely should have them finished in a couple of weeks.

However, cricket season starts this weekend which means I only have a couple of weeks of gaming left before I pack everything except the painting up for the summer.  My local club closes down from Nov-Feb, and I give up my weekly gaming while cricket is on Oct-Mar.

September 13, 2011

Battle Report - Dwarfs vs. Lizardmen @ 1500pts

 Up against Calebs Lizardmen for the first time last week, its his new army and a distinct change from the Warriors of Chaos he normally plays.  At 1500pts I took a slight variation on my 2400 tournament list and fielded:
  • Runesmith (General) - MR Balance, RO Spellbreaking, Shield
  • BSB - MR Gromil, RO Resistance, RO Preservation, RO Furnace
  • Warriors x30 - Full Command, GW
  • Warriors x30 - Full Command, GW
  • Quarrellers x20 - Musician, Standard Bearer, Shields, GW
  • Organ Gun
  • Organ Gun
The dual Organ Gun was a bit cheeky and I was planning on taking a Gyrocopter but opted for the increased shooting instead.  Luck was on my side to start as we rolled for Blood and Glory as our scenario meaning an extra 9" on the deployment zone.  This put both of my Organ Guns in firing range in Turn 1.  Against my list Caleb took (from memory):
  • Slann - Lvl 4 with normal bells and whistles
  • BSB - with big smashy weapon
  • 20 x Saurus w. Spears
  • 20 x Temple Guard
  • Unit of Kroxigors & Skinks (3 & 24 respectively I think)
  • 2 units of Skink Skirmishers
  • Chamleon Skinks

 Deployment - Organ Guns in the middle where they could fire at everything.  Quarrellers on the flank with the Runesmith. Warrior blocks spaced apart to offer some flexibility.  Slan went in the middle with Kroxigors on my left and Saurus (proxied by Chaos Marauders) on my right.
I get first turn and move Warriors forward angling for the Slanns unit which is my main target.  Organ Guns open fire on it and take down 12 Temple Guard. In hindsight I should have taken out the Skink Skirmishers and Chameleons first - but forgot you can draw LOS and fire through forests.
The Chameleons swing round behind my right flank and take out one of the Organ Guns while the other Skirmishers start to rain missiles down on my poor Warriors.  Poison attacks prove pretty effective but only against the Warmachines.  Slann magic is easily dispelled and the Lore of Life proves ineffective for the first few turns.

BANG!!! The remaining Organ Gun blows away the Chameleons as the right flank Warriors choose not to charge the Skirmishers.  Quarrellers fire at the Skinks on the left, but my Warriors opt not to charge and instead move up ready to take on the Kroxigor unit.

 Not charging the Skinks causes me some headaches as they swing around and start taking out more Dwarf Warriors with their poison attacks.  They also wound the Organ Gun but luckily leave it able to fire for another turn.  Lizard magic still proves ineffective, but now the Saurus have moved into charge range.
 CHARGE!!!! Warriors charge the Saurus who with their spears will put down 25 attacks in the first round of combat.  But they fluff their attacks killing only 3 Dwarfs whose Great Weapons then chop down 9 Saurus in return.  Cold-blooded allows them to stay and fight though.
On the other flank the BSB opts not to charge the Kroxigor unit and instead is charged by them, and the Slann with his Temple Guard.  Combat gets extremely messy as Kroxigor GW do some damage, but somehow the Dwarfs stubbornly hold on.

Meanwhile the remaining Skirimishers take out the last Organ Gun and the Quarrellers reform into a ranked block ready to charge the Kroxigors and help out the BSBs unit.

Victory and defeat in the same turn.  The Warriors on the right break the Saurus but fail to catch them as they flee.  The Warriors on the left and the BSB are wiped out and the Kroxigors overrun but stop short of the ranked up Quarrellers.
 Meanwhile the Temple Guard reform to face the few Dwarfs who have managed to survive against the Saurus Warriors, only 10/30 now remain.
 The Quarrellers prove their mettle once again and chop their way through the Kroxigor unit which only just holds on.  The Cold-Blooded rule saving them.  Unfortunately Dwarven Runes fail to stop the Slanns magic and he is able to use the Lore of Life to restore the Kroxigor unit.

 Turn 6 comes and goes with the Temple Guard wiping out the few remaining Dwarf Warriors.  While the Quarrellers can simply not do enough damage to kill of the Kroxigors.  End result only a handful of Dwarfs remain alive while several decimated and fleeing Lizardmen units remain on the battlefield.

September 7, 2011

WIP - PzIV's and PzGrenadiers

Still have 3-4 Warhammer Battle Reports to write up and post yet including one 3 way battle from my last tournament. In the interim here is my current painting project a Platoon of LW PzIV's and some PanzerGrenadiers.

Have also provided some comparison pictures of the Plastic Soldier Company Panzers vs. Battlefront StuGs and Sdkfz's. Models were easy to put together and look fantastic. As soon as money allows I'll be buying one more box set of them and another PzGr platoon.

Only the front three have been undercoated so far - one layer of GW Chaos Black, and 2 layers of Tamiya Panzer Yellow.

Plastic Solider company vs. BF Sdkfz251 - I've decided to base all of my vehicles. Schurzen on the PzIV comes complete I just cut out random panels on a couple of the models.PzIV vs. BF StuG G - sadly am I going to have to strip and repaint my StuGs now to get the colour scheme the same across all of the vehicles. Only camo going onto the PzIV will be green dots/stripes.Infantry are on the new GF9 Plastic Rubble bases which are simply fantastic. Only realised after I had painted them that most of the figures were wearing camo smocks so shouldnt have been in FieldGrau. But I think Ill keep them the way they are and only change a few. Painting isnt entirely complete on them as I havent applied the final FeldGrau layer to the tunics yet.

September 2, 2011

Your local Gaming Club? Is Garage-Hammer winning?

One thing that I really enjoy about tournaments is the chance to meet new opponents and play against different armies. As the only events I attend, with 2-3 exceptions, are in Wellington the majority of people I come across are from the two principle Wellington Clubs. However, you also get a large contingent of people travelling from Auckland, the Bay and even the South Island. I have regularly thought that from a gaming point of view living in Wellington would be great primarily due to the large number of organised gamers in the region.

But that begs the question where are all the gamers in my city? GW prices aside a lot of people buy Warhammer products and play the game, question is - where do they go? Locally we use the phrase 'Garage-Hammer' when referring to this lost group of gamings, who either avoid or dont know about our club and hence play Warhammer in their Garages or the like. Advertising is an issue of course and building links with your FLGS is important here. Our local store is, unfortunately, run by a group of younger kids most of whom play card games like Magic or whatever? They recently started setting up tables for regular games on a Wednesday night but even here WHFB numbers are low. For a while they also scheduled their gaming nights at the same time as our club meetings.

This begs the question - that if the FLGS isnt supported by local gamers because of GW prices why would they support the local club. And if the FLGS offers nothing to gamers why wouldnt they buy elsewhere - and where do they send people who do buy GW from them? Pete Dunn over at Fields of Blood makes this point in his latest post and its a good one.

If you've followed my blog for a while you would have seen that a huge number of my WHFB battle reports outside of tournaments are against the same few opponents. This is due to the lack of members locally. At present my local club - The Manawatu Duellists - has in Warhammer terms only 5 regular players:
  • Myself with Dwarfs & High Elves
  • Adam - Dwarfs
  • Doug - Skaven, Ogres & Orcs n Goblins
  • Brendan - Orcs n Goblins & Brettonians
  • Caleb - Warriors of Chaos & Lizardmen
There are also a couple of other irregular attendees who have Lizardmen, Beastmen and Orcs n Goblins. Hence the pickings in terms of opponents is slim. Its been that way for a while although in 2009 we did undergo a bit of a boom period when a number of younger players came along.

But where are the rest?

Whats the situation like in your neck of the woods?

How hard is it for you to find games outside of tournaments? I know of a few regular tournament players for whom those events are the only chance they get to play WHFB.

And in todays GW doesn't seem to care anymore era just what role are FLGS supposed to play when gamers buy overseas due to high local prices?