September 13, 2011

Battle Report - Dwarfs vs. Lizardmen @ 1500pts

 Up against Calebs Lizardmen for the first time last week, its his new army and a distinct change from the Warriors of Chaos he normally plays.  At 1500pts I took a slight variation on my 2400 tournament list and fielded:
  • Runesmith (General) - MR Balance, RO Spellbreaking, Shield
  • BSB - MR Gromil, RO Resistance, RO Preservation, RO Furnace
  • Warriors x30 - Full Command, GW
  • Warriors x30 - Full Command, GW
  • Quarrellers x20 - Musician, Standard Bearer, Shields, GW
  • Organ Gun
  • Organ Gun
The dual Organ Gun was a bit cheeky and I was planning on taking a Gyrocopter but opted for the increased shooting instead.  Luck was on my side to start as we rolled for Blood and Glory as our scenario meaning an extra 9" on the deployment zone.  This put both of my Organ Guns in firing range in Turn 1.  Against my list Caleb took (from memory):
  • Slann - Lvl 4 with normal bells and whistles
  • BSB - with big smashy weapon
  • 20 x Saurus w. Spears
  • 20 x Temple Guard
  • Unit of Kroxigors & Skinks (3 & 24 respectively I think)
  • 2 units of Skink Skirmishers
  • Chamleon Skinks

 Deployment - Organ Guns in the middle where they could fire at everything.  Quarrellers on the flank with the Runesmith. Warrior blocks spaced apart to offer some flexibility.  Slan went in the middle with Kroxigors on my left and Saurus (proxied by Chaos Marauders) on my right.
I get first turn and move Warriors forward angling for the Slanns unit which is my main target.  Organ Guns open fire on it and take down 12 Temple Guard. In hindsight I should have taken out the Skink Skirmishers and Chameleons first - but forgot you can draw LOS and fire through forests.
The Chameleons swing round behind my right flank and take out one of the Organ Guns while the other Skirmishers start to rain missiles down on my poor Warriors.  Poison attacks prove pretty effective but only against the Warmachines.  Slann magic is easily dispelled and the Lore of Life proves ineffective for the first few turns.

BANG!!! The remaining Organ Gun blows away the Chameleons as the right flank Warriors choose not to charge the Skirmishers.  Quarrellers fire at the Skinks on the left, but my Warriors opt not to charge and instead move up ready to take on the Kroxigor unit.

 Not charging the Skinks causes me some headaches as they swing around and start taking out more Dwarf Warriors with their poison attacks.  They also wound the Organ Gun but luckily leave it able to fire for another turn.  Lizard magic still proves ineffective, but now the Saurus have moved into charge range.
 CHARGE!!!! Warriors charge the Saurus who with their spears will put down 25 attacks in the first round of combat.  But they fluff their attacks killing only 3 Dwarfs whose Great Weapons then chop down 9 Saurus in return.  Cold-blooded allows them to stay and fight though.
On the other flank the BSB opts not to charge the Kroxigor unit and instead is charged by them, and the Slann with his Temple Guard.  Combat gets extremely messy as Kroxigor GW do some damage, but somehow the Dwarfs stubbornly hold on.

Meanwhile the remaining Skirimishers take out the last Organ Gun and the Quarrellers reform into a ranked block ready to charge the Kroxigors and help out the BSBs unit.

Victory and defeat in the same turn.  The Warriors on the right break the Saurus but fail to catch them as they flee.  The Warriors on the left and the BSB are wiped out and the Kroxigors overrun but stop short of the ranked up Quarrellers.
 Meanwhile the Temple Guard reform to face the few Dwarfs who have managed to survive against the Saurus Warriors, only 10/30 now remain.
 The Quarrellers prove their mettle once again and chop their way through the Kroxigor unit which only just holds on.  The Cold-Blooded rule saving them.  Unfortunately Dwarven Runes fail to stop the Slanns magic and he is able to use the Lore of Life to restore the Kroxigor unit.

 Turn 6 comes and goes with the Temple Guard wiping out the few remaining Dwarf Warriors.  While the Quarrellers can simply not do enough damage to kill of the Kroxigors.  End result only a handful of Dwarfs remain alive while several decimated and fleeing Lizardmen units remain on the battlefield.


Fnurgn said...

Great read, thanks.

Binz said...

Lizardmen are always a pain in the ass - "Cold Blooded" wins them more games than anything else I think.

Good writing as always. :)