September 27, 2011

MW Fallschirmjager @ 1500pts

Playing Josh at the club on Thursday - probably one of my last games before cricket starts - 1500pts Mid War.  Going to take the following list from the North Africa source book
CHQ - Panzerknacker x2 - 65pts
FJ Platoon - Panzerknacker + 3 Squads - 270pts
FJ Platoon - Panzerknacker + 3 Squads - 270pts
FJ Pioneers - SMG + 3 Squads + Supply Truck - 370pts
FJ Light Gun Platoon - Panzerknacker + 2 x LG40 - 70pts
FJ Mortar Platoon - Panzerknacker + 2 sections w. 4 x GW42 - 125pts
FJ Tank Hunter Platoon - 4 x Marder III (proxied by my StuGs) - 325pts

TOTAL 1,495pts w. 6 Platoons

Three platoons of FV infantry with defensive options gives me a solid defensive base.  Light Guns add some decent close in AT protection - dug in, concealed and gone to ground Josh will have to come within their range to hit them.  Smoke from the Mortars will help force him to do this and the Marders add some reasonable long range firepower.

Was hoping he'd go for a LW game so I could take my Panzer IVHs but maybe next week if I can wangle another game. 

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