September 30, 2011

PSC 15mm Panzer IV Platoon complete

Finished the last of these guys on Wednesday night.  Redid the brown camo on the first three with a duller shade (German Med Brown) which looks better than the darker GW Scorched Brown I had used earlier.  Probably too much camo on the last couple of tanks, but overall Im pretty happy with them.

Next step is to attach them to some large bases and then look at options for camo netting or foliage. Will use either Silflor foliage or some old bandages as netting.  Would also like to stick aerials on them but am not sure how, still trawling the net looking for ideas.


Monty said...

Nice work John, regarding aerials, for my 15mm LAV-25 I used a pin drill to attach a couple of (clean) nylon bristles from a dust pan which were then trimmed down and painted. Looks fairly good, especially at that scale.

John M said...

Awesome thanks for the tip Ill give it try this week and post the results.

Glad you like them

Binz said...

Hey john, Impressive painting work! Looking extreeeeeeemely good there!