September 19, 2011

WIP - Panzer IV's & Sdkfz 251s

Nearly finished painting these guys last week just a few final details to complete like highlights on the tracks, the crews and misc pieces of equipment.  Colour scheme for the Tanks and the Half-tracks was completed using the following process:
  • Undercoat - GW Chaos Black
  • Basecoat - Tamiya Panzer Yellow (2 coats from spray can)
  • German Camo Dark Green (979
  • German Camo Medium Brown (826)
  • GW Sepia Wash
  • Luftwaffe Camo Green (826)
  • German Camo Medium Brown (826)
Tracks were simply GW Chaos Black with dry-brushed GW Codex Grey.  Ill redo these a this week with GW Adeptus Battlegrey to darken them up.  Tanks will also go onto bases like the half-tracks although theirs will be large rather than medium sized.

Also thought Id put in a picture of both units together so you can see how the fit.  Will be paint stripping my StuGs and repainting them in the same colour scheme.

Only problem is that I am not sure how to paint the inside of the half-tracks cant find any decent pictures to work from on the net.  Grenadier infantry are coming along nicely should have them finished in a couple of weeks.

However, cricket season starts this weekend which means I only have a couple of weeks of gaming left before I pack everything except the painting up for the summer.  My local club closes down from Nov-Feb, and I give up my weekly gaming while cricket is on Oct-Mar.

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