September 7, 2011

WIP - PzIV's and PzGrenadiers

Still have 3-4 Warhammer Battle Reports to write up and post yet including one 3 way battle from my last tournament. In the interim here is my current painting project a Platoon of LW PzIV's and some PanzerGrenadiers.

Have also provided some comparison pictures of the Plastic Soldier Company Panzers vs. Battlefront StuGs and Sdkfz's. Models were easy to put together and look fantastic. As soon as money allows I'll be buying one more box set of them and another PzGr platoon.

Only the front three have been undercoated so far - one layer of GW Chaos Black, and 2 layers of Tamiya Panzer Yellow.

Plastic Solider company vs. BF Sdkfz251 - I've decided to base all of my vehicles. Schurzen on the PzIV comes complete I just cut out random panels on a couple of the models.PzIV vs. BF StuG G - sadly am I going to have to strip and repaint my StuGs now to get the colour scheme the same across all of the vehicles. Only camo going onto the PzIV will be green dots/stripes.Infantry are on the new GF9 Plastic Rubble bases which are simply fantastic. Only realised after I had painted them that most of the figures were wearing camo smocks so shouldnt have been in FieldGrau. But I think Ill keep them the way they are and only change a few. Painting isnt entirely complete on them as I havent applied the final FeldGrau layer to the tunics yet.


Hein said...

Looking good.

lap1964 said...

Look good,but i would paint the SMGs and MGs black,then do a dry brush with gun metal.