October 17, 2011

All Blacks 20 Australia 6

Awesome game last night - congrats boys and suck eggs Quade Cooper - now its onto France in the final!!!!!


RedCraig said...

The All Blacks definitely deserved the win, they completely shut down the Aussies.

I can't see France beating them, but as they're my neighbours AND the underdogs I'll be shouting for them! Sorry John...

Have you been to any matches?

John M said...

Problem with France is that they may just turn it on and cause problems for us alah 2003.

No havent been to any games tickets cost too much, are too hard to get and its easier (having 2 pre-school kids) and more comfortable to watch them at home.

Vladdd309 said...

Congrats to the All Blacks. They've got to be a shoe-in for the trophy.

The only concern is the NZ Herald "80 minutes and we're laughing" headline.

Over here in the UK, all the commentators had the England-France match as a non-event, Eng had already won days before the kickoff. Hopefully NZ won't succumb to any complacency.

As a Jock though, I'll be supporting the team captained by a McCaw!

Timothy said...

Four more years, Gregan. Four more years.