October 6, 2011


Checked my shelves last night and surveyed my rather large backlog of unpainted High Elf models and realised that I have absolutely no interest in painting them.  So I decided to take my unpainted 4th Fallschirmjager Combat Platoon and paint them all Field Grey so I could use them as Panzer Grenadiers.  Once they're done Ill add a box set of the Plastic Soldier Company Sd Kfz 251/1D's to them and hey presto an instant 2nd PzGr Combat Platoon.

Playing 1500pts of Mid War FOW tonight and am looking forward to it, might just be able to get away with one more club night next week until I have to give it up for cricket (which starts this weekend) - can't be away too many nights each week.

Seems my enthusiasm for Warhammer Fantasy and High Elves in particular has seriously died off in the last couple of months.... and all I can really think about is FOW

For the record my current Warhammer Fantasy painting backlog consists of
  • 10 x Plastic HE Dragon Princes
  • 5 x ISOB HE Ellyrian Reavers
  • 1 x HE Lion Chariot
  • 2 x HE Tiranoc Chariots
  • 1 x ISOB HE Mage
  • 1 x HE Mage
  • 10 x HE Silver Helms (which Ill probably never do as they are a waste of points)
  • 10 x ISOB HE Lothern Sea Guard
  • 10 x ISOB HE Swordmasters
  • 10 x Metal HE Swordmasters
  • 30 x Dwarf Warriors w. HW (to be converted into Quarrellers)
  • 2 x Dwarf Bolt-Throwers
  • 10 or so Plastic Dwarf Artillery Crew
  • 2 x Dwarf Master Engineers
But my Dwarf tournament army looks fantastic (if I do say so myself - check here if you want to see it) and thats good enough for me.  

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