November 25, 2011

New releases from Plastic Solider Company

The Plastic Solider Company's range of quality 15mm WW2 products has expanded yet again with a large number of new releases set to make any German player (like me) foam at the mouth.  Havng already purchased two boxed sets of the PzIV range I can atest to their quality - while they lack some of the detailing of the BF range and the satisfying weight they are excellent products. 

Among the new goodies are:

German Army Deals 
Panzergrenadier Company - £54.00

A four box 15mm Late War German Panzergrenadier Company Deal. Comprising 130 figures and 15 SdKfz 251/D Halftracks - enough for a 3 platoon plus HQ Flames of War Panzergrenadier Company. 

This same deal from Battlefront would cost you a hell of a lot more - 3 Platoon sets of PzGr alone would cost you NZ$270.

Panzer Army Deal - £75.00
A six box 15mm Late War German Panzer Army Deal. Comprising 130 figures, 15 SdKfz 251/D Halftracks and 10 Panzer IV tanks - enough for a 3 platoon plus HQ Flames of War Panzergrenadier Company with 2 platoons of panzer IVs.

Another unbelievable deal giving you huge savings on the normal BF range.

Panzer Army Deal - £42.00
A 3 box 15mm Panzer IV Company Deal. Comprising 15 x Panzer IV tanks. 

German Platoon Sets
Panzer III Ausf F, G & H - £16.50 for 5 tanks

StuG III Ausf F8/G - £16.50 for 5 tanks

And finally also due out in January next year are......

  • Panthers A, G & D variants 
  • Late War German HeavyWeapons
  • 15mm Russian Heavy Weapons 
  • 15mm Russian 45mm gun 
  • 15mm Decal sets for SS, Wehrmact and DAK Panzer Divisions
  • New plastic reinforcements range allowing you to buy single vehicles, HQs etc
They also have army deals set up for Russians and some more Allied stuff coming soon as well.  

I already two box sets of the PSC PzIV range and as I am starting to really like Mid-War will pick up some of the PzIII as well and come next year will be aiming for the Panthers too.  

November 9, 2011

WIP - Dragon Princes taking shape

More progress on the Dragon Princes last night.  Working on a single model at a time to get the colours right.  Have decided to go with something a little more muted and simple.  Liking the grey as well so while just shade/highlight that in and not worry about any white areas. 

November 7, 2011

WIP - High Elf Dragon Princes

I had completed one of these a while back to test out the eventual colour scheme.  Finally got some free time last night and pulled out the painting table for first time in weeks and got back into them.  Have only completed base coat of Hugomont Purple and Purple Wash and Scorched Brown so far.  Haven't quite decided whether to keep the armour really dark or lighten it up like the test model. I have 10 of these new Dragon Princes to complete so theres room to experiment if I want to. 

November 1, 2011

Apologies for lack of posts

Quick apology to 100+ followers and other regular readers of my blog - I haven't been doing much wargaming related posting lately.  The reason I've been swamped at work and basically haven't played a game since my last FOW battle report.

Cricket season also started a few weeks ago and my local gaming club has shut down for the Christmas period.  So as with most years posts over the next couple of months will be restricted primarily to painting & modelling updates.  Although I might squeeze in the odd rare game.  Also expecting our 3rd child around New Years so free time for gaming is going to be really restricted after that - but having to stay up at night does mean more time to sneak painting in.

In that regard I do have a lot of painting to do with a huge backlog of Warhammer Fantasy High Elves to complete, some Dwarf Quarrellers to finish off, and a Gepanzerte/Panzer Company to build.  The next project is going to be the assembly and painting of my 2nd box set of the Plastic Soldier Company PzIV's - I'll also get round to ordering some of their SdKfz 251's as well.