November 1, 2011

Apologies for lack of posts

Quick apology to 100+ followers and other regular readers of my blog - I haven't been doing much wargaming related posting lately.  The reason I've been swamped at work and basically haven't played a game since my last FOW battle report.

Cricket season also started a few weeks ago and my local gaming club has shut down for the Christmas period.  So as with most years posts over the next couple of months will be restricted primarily to painting & modelling updates.  Although I might squeeze in the odd rare game.  Also expecting our 3rd child around New Years so free time for gaming is going to be really restricted after that - but having to stay up at night does mean more time to sneak painting in.

In that regard I do have a lot of painting to do with a huge backlog of Warhammer Fantasy High Elves to complete, some Dwarf Quarrellers to finish off, and a Gepanzerte/Panzer Company to build.  The next project is going to be the assembly and painting of my 2nd box set of the Plastic Soldier Company PzIV's - I'll also get round to ordering some of their SdKfz 251's as well.

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noeste said...

Congratulations on your coming child!

Hope to see more of your High Elves in the future